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ROVER Car parts

Car parts for ROVER

Rover is a vehicle brand belonging to the British enterprise Rover Company. The company was founded by William Sutton and John Starley in 1887. Initially, the manufacturer produced bicycles and motorcycles, and later began to specialize in creating Rover passenger cars and Land Rover SUVs.

Rover Cars

The first Rover brand car appeared in 1889. The model was not in great demand, but the manufacturer quickly upgraded the design of the car. Vehicles produced at the dawn of the twentieth century, in contrast to the early models, rapidly gained universal acceptance.

During the First and Second World Wars, the company focused on the production of vehicles for military use, and then began to produce civilian cars again.

Over the years, the Rover brand vehicles have been awarded a number of prestigious awards, in particular the "European Car of the Year."

Passenger cars were manufactured under the Rover brand for a long time. Production of SUVs and crossovers was the focus of the Land Rover division.

The Rover lineup is presented with cars, different in their size - both large (Rover Streetwise and Rover Montego) and supermini (Rover Mini) models. Rover Cars had the following body types: saloon, hatchback, coupe and estate car. More than ten models have been created over the entire period of the brand existence.

Advantages of Rover Cars:

  • safety;
  • comfort;
  • attractive design;
  • a high level of steerability;
  • good driving performance;
  • excellent acceleration dynamics;
  • acceptable cost;
  • durability of the suspension;
  • reliability and high capacity of power units.

The best parts for Rover

As today Rover cars are no longer produced, finding the required repair kit can be difficult. In our online store Rover parts are presented in a large assortment. You can find the item, regardless of the car model and manufacture year.

Our experienced customer support specialists will help you choose accessories that are ideal for your car and will ensure the correct operation of units. They are well versed in all car brands construction and can competently advise on any issues.

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