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Replace a Spare part Anti roll bar links – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Anti roll bar links

We all know that each of the components of the suspension in addition to their specific functions also is responsible for the safety of driving on the roads. There is only one car part, the priority task of which is to provide security. We speak about pendulum support.

At first sight, stabilizer is the simplest car part. It is a bar with angled ends. Stabilizers are produced of a cylindrical profile, using special steel as a material capable to elastic twist. The main and only purpose of the stabilizer is to reduce body roll by means of the internal resistance and to improve vehicle stability when cornering. The principle of operation is quite elementary. When a car turns, flexible suspension elements on one side are compressed by centrifugal force is and on the other side they are stretched. It creates the roll. At this moment the middle part of the stabilizer is twisted, trying to lift the car from the roll. On the other side, it tries as much as possible to lower the body, compressing the elastic element of the suspension. As a result, the car is aligned with respect to the line of the road.

It is clear now that stabilizer is a very important car component. Car roll eexceeding a certain standard value can lead to disastrous consequences. These are traction deterioration and control loss over the steer ability. At the present time there are very high requirements to car parts. In our online shop the quality of all spare car parts is not subjected to doubt. So if you need a new pendulum support, order it in our online store and we will deliver the item in a short time. However, as well as we will deliver any other necessary car parts: inlet valve, centre silencer, etc.

Anti roll bar links for NISSAN TERRANO II (R20), SUBARU FORESTER (SF), MITSUBISHI L 200 (K7_T, K6_T)

Faults of stabilizer link
  • breaking in thinner places;
  • deformation of the stabilizer link;
  • free play of the top or bottom ball stabilizer link.
Symptoms of stabilizer link faults
  • rattle under the hood while driving;
  • change of motion direction at high speed;
  • no path stability of the vehicle when the steering wheel is released;
  • roll when cornering;
  • intense rocking during braking.
Causes of stabilizer link faults
  • excessive loads;
  • poor quality of the road surface;
  • leakage of the system;
  • wear;
  • mechanical damage;
  • extreme driving.

It is necessary to turn the steering wheel all the way to free up space in the wheel arch. Then rock the stabilizer link, if the result is a backlash, the item must be replaced. For a more detailed diagnostics inspection pit or hoist is required. You should free the link by loosening the lock nut. If you hear the knocking sound, joints have a backlash, the link must be replaced. Easiness to swing at mountings is evidence of the joints loosening.

Replacing stabilizer link

Repair of stabilizer is not carried out. On the average you need to carry out a replacement every 120 000 kilometers. You can do it by yourself or bring the vehicle to a service station. To replace the link you should:

  • 1. Remove the wheel and sprinkle the nuts and bolts.
  • 2. Use a wrench to unscrew the nuts of the joint bolt, hold the bolt with the hexagon.
  • 3. Load the suspension, and then remove the stabilizer link.
  • 4. Install a new item using the wrench and the hexagon.
  • 5. Set the wheel in place.

Anti roll bar links replacement - instructions, descriptions and repair

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