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Replace a Spare part AC compressor – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about AC compressor

Faults of air conditioning compressor
  • worn or damaged drive belt;
  • cooling agent leakage;
  • fault of compressor clutch;
  • wear or melting of the electromagnetic coil;
  • mechanical damage to the body;
  • jamming of compressor valves;
  • closure or damage to the electrical circuit.
Symptoms of air conditioning compressor faults
  • noises at the air conditioner start and performance;
  • impossibility of controlling the air flow temperature;
  • strange smell in the cabin.
Causes of compressor faults
  • untimely preventive maintenance;
  • failure to comply with the air conditioner operation rules;
  • use of low-quality components;
  • depressurization of the circuit;
  • adverse climatic conditions of work (high humidity, large temperature fluctuations);
  • ignoring the system operation rules;
  • use of low-quality refrigerant;
  • insufficient or excessive amount of cooling agent in the system;
  • lack of or insufficient amount of lubricant in the compressor;
  • the air conditioner pipeline damage;
  • engine fan failure.

Operation of the air conditioning compressor is checked on a special stand or directly on the car. Operating pressure in the part is measured. At inlet normal Freon pressure should be in the range of 2-3 atmospheres. The gas is compressed to 15-25 atmospheres. If the compression degree is low, cooling will be too weak.

Further the compressor oil is analyzed. Presence of impurities, oxides or water indicates the system leakage. In addition, the oil dark color or the burning smell is a sign of the compressor overheating during operation. It should be noted that prolonged mechanism overheating leads to chemical decomposition of oil that will soon cause total failure of the compressor.

When measuring the pressure, the gauges readings must be flat and rise gradually. Sharp jumps of compression may be the cause of the fault drive, or clogging of the compressor.

Repair and replacement of the compressor parts

An experienced mechanic can carry out repair work for minor damage to the compressor. After the compressor diagnosis and troubleshooting it is necessary to disassemble and carry out a complete cleaning. Damage assessment of components determines minor faults. After their elimination control performance check of the compressor is done on the bench.

In case of more than half the compressor parts defects or failure of the electromagnetic clutch repairs are not carried out, it is necessary to do only a replacement.

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FAQ: Frequently asked questions
How can I test an inverter air conditioner compressor?

One of the most common problems is clutch failure and this is easy to check. Turn on the air-conditioning and listen. You should hear a click when the clutch engages with the compressor.

Make sure that the clutch hub is functioning properly. Open the bonnet and find the A/C compressor pulley. Ask your assistant to switch on the A/C. A faulty hub won't rotate with the pulley and/or could make unusual noises.

How can I repair the air conditioner compressor myself?

Repairing this component often means replacing seals and gaskets, pulley, clutch, and bearing. In order to do this you will need to remove and disassemble the compressor, which requires certain skills. That is why it is better to leave this, as well as refilling the compressor with refrigerant and oil, to the professionals.

How is the new air conditioner compressor installed?

This can be a dangerous job, as the refrigerant that has to be replaced is toxic. It is better to have this done by specialists at a service station.

Only buy the product recommended by the vehicle manufacturer when replacing the compressor. In order to make it easier to access the unit, experts will remove the engine splash guard, front bumper and the drive belt from the compressor pulley. Refrigerant is then carefully drained through the service ports. All seals, gaskets, and damaged pipes are replaced during the process.

Once this has been done, the system is tested for leaks and refilled with refrigerant. In order to test the system, start the engine and turn the A/C to full power.