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car Tools & equipment 2169
Article № : 2169
HAZET Oil filter removal tool Spanner Size: 74, Square Drive Tang Size: 10 (3/8")mm (inch)
Tools & equipment HAZET 2169 Oil filter removal tool
  • Diameter [mm]:  82
  • Square Drive Tang Size [mm (inch)]:  10 (3/8")
  • Bolt Head-/Nut Design:  Rectangle
  • Manufactured in:  Germany
  • Weight [g]:  143
  • Also available as set 
  • Spanner Size:  74
  • Net weight [kg]:  0,14
  • Output end (profile):  Tetrakaidecagon (14-sided)
  • Condition:  New
In stock
£ 17,78
incl. 20% VAT
car Tools & equipment 4766-1
Article № : 4766-1
HAZET Spark Plug Spanner Spanner Size: sup5/supsub8/sub, Length: 270mm, Chrome Vanadium Steel
Tools & equipment HAZET 4766-1 Spark Plug Spanner
In stock
£ 51,58
incl. 20% VAT
car Tools & equipment 1849
Article № : 1849
HAZET Pliers, spark plug socket Length: 195mm
Tools & equipment HAZET 1849 Pliers, spark plug socket
  • Length [mm]:  195
  • Material:  Chrome Vanadium Steel
  • Surface:  Chromed
  • Tool handle type:  2-piece grip
  • Tool handle surface:  Plastic-coated
  • Colour:  Blue/black
  • Net weight [kg]:  0,2
  • Condition:  New
In stock
£ 50,58
incl. 20% VAT
car Tools & equipment 2169/6
Article № : 2169/6
HAZET Oil Filter Spanner Set Number of tools: 6, Male Hex, Square Drive Tang Size: 10 (3/8"), 12.5 (1/2")mm (inch), Weight: 1370g
Tools & equipment HAZET 2169/6 Oil Filter Spanner Set
  • Number of tools:  6
  • Square Drive Tang Size [mm (inch)]:  10 (3/8"), 12.5 (1/2")
  • Drive side (profile):  Male Hex
  • Weight [g]:  1370
  • Manufactured in:  Germany
  • for components see parts list 
  • Net weight [kg]:  1,37
  • Output end (profile):  Male Hex
  • Condition:  New
In stock
£ 117,58
incl. 20% VAT
car Tools & equipment 2162-4
Article № : 2162-4
HAZET Fill- / Extraction Pump, universal
Tools & equipment HAZET 2162-4 Fill- / Extraction Pump, universal
  • Net weight [kg]:  0,85
  • Fill capacity to [l]:  0,5
  • Condition:  New
In stock
£ 34,98
incl. 20% VAT
car Tools & equipment 9012M
Article № : 9012M
HAZET Impact Wrench 610 Nm, 6,3 bar, 97,5 dB, 127 l/min, 10000 1/min
Tools & equipment HAZET 9012M Impact Wrench
In stock
£ 153,68
incl. 20% VAT
car Tools & equipment 2193-1
Article № : 2193-1
HAZET Pipe Bending Equipment
Tools & equipment HAZET 2193-1 Pipe Bending Equipment
  • Diameter [mm]:  4,75
  • Manufactured in:  Germany
  • Also available as set 
  • Net weight [kg]:  0,1
  • Condition:  New
In stock
£ 34,98
incl. 20% VAT
car Tools & equipment 9033-2
Article № : 9033-2
HAZET Random Orbit Sander Grinding Disc Diameter: without discmm, Air Consumption: 57l/min, Operating Pressure: 6,3bar
Tools & equipment HAZET 9033-2 Random Orbit Sander
In stock
£ 297,68
incl. 20% VAT
car Tools & equipment 2162M
Article № : 2162M
HAZET Grease Gun 145mm, Mini
Tools & equipment HAZET 2162M Grease Gun
  • Length [mm]:  145
  • Also available as set 
  • Supplementary Info:  Mini
  • Net weight [kg]:  0,27
  • Condition:  New
In stock
£ 25,58
incl. 20% VAT
car Tools & equipment 95945424
Article № : 95945424
Tools & equipment HERTH+BUSS ELPARTS 95945424 Release Tool Set
  • Quantity:  3
  • Condition:  New
In stock
£ 125,68
incl. 20% VAT
car Tools & equipment 1779-3
Article № : 1779-3
HAZET Puller, ball joint Tool Steel
Tools & equipment HAZET 1779-3 Puller, ball joint
  • Material:  Tool Steel
  • Net weight [kg]:  2,5
  • Scope [mm]:  85
  • Condition:  New
In stock
£ 178,28
incl. 20% VAT
car Tools & equipment 841/25
Article № : 841/25
HAZET Bolt Extractor Set Number of tools: 25
Tools & equipment HAZET 841/25 Bolt Extractor Set
  • Number of tools:  25
  • Material:  Nickel-Chrome-Molybdenum
  • Surface:  Burnished, Oiled
  • Net weight [kg]:  0,66
  • Net Weight [g]:  655
  • Condition:  New
In stock
£ 136,98
incl. 20% VAT

Popular car tools & equipment manufacturers:

In order to perform car maintenance and repair, you’re going to need special tools. With their help, you’ll be able to change a tyre, repair electrical wiring, dismantle faulty components, assemble certain units, pour technical fluids, eliminate bodywork defects, perform stripping, priming and painting, and do many other things on do-it-yourself basis.

Types of tools

To repair a car, one can use both multi-purpose devices and those that are intended for specific vehicle units:

  • running gear;
  • car body;
  • fuel system;
  • steering system;
  • air conditioning;
  • electronics, etc.

In the catalogues, there are also presented tools differing by the kind of operations performed:

  • Fitting and assembly tools. These are devices that facilitate mounting and dismounting of the components made of metal, plastic and other materials. These include metalworking chisels, hollow punches, punches, vice clamps, pincers, pliers, wrenches, ratchet wrenches, tap wrenches, screwdrivers and others. Besides, there are control and measuring instruments: torque wrenches, tape measures, rulers and others.
  • Flattening tools. These are items used to restore the car body geometry if there are dents or any other defects. These are slide hammers, various panel beating hammers, spoons, hooks, levers, etc.
  • Abrasive tools. Various scrapers, wire brushes, grinding wheels and abrasive sheets are most often used to eliminate corrosion spots, remains of the primer and old paint. To polish the surfaces, grinders can be fitted with soft wheels made, for example, of felt.
  • Cutting tools. These are tin snips, cutting pliers, milling cutters, drill bits, countersink bits, reamers, jigsaws, files and other items used to cut materials or make holes in them.

Many tools differ in the way they are powered, and can be:

  • Hand tools. Powered by a physical effort made by a human.
  • Power tools. Have a built-in motor and are powered from mains or a battery.
  • Pneumatic tools. Are connected to a compressor and powered by compressed air.

Tips on tools use

  1. You should use the devices solely as intended according to the manufacturer's instructions. Choose them considering the characteristics of the materials you work with.
  2. Observe the safety regulations. Use the tools only when it is light enough, wear personal protective equipment: goggles, a respirator, gloves.
  3. Regularly check the devices for the presence of damage, do not use faulty tools.
  4. After using, clean the tools. This will produce a positive effect on their service life. It is necessary to regularly lubricate the moving metal parts. Cutting tools need regular sharpening, and measuring tools need calibration.
  5. Store and transport the equipment in special trolleys or boxes. In this way, it will be protected from corrosion and mechanical damage.

Professional help from

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