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Replace a Spare part Track rod end – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Track rod end

Faults of tie rod end

  • wear of joints/couplings;
  • deformation of the thread;
  • rubber boot breakage;
  • corrosion;
  • rupture of the protective sleeve;
  • extension of the spring, a part of the joint;
  • loss of the retaining ring;
  • cracked pin.

Symptoms of tie rod end faults

  • difficulties in cornering;
  • hum and rattle while driving on a bumpy road;
  • enhanced steering vibration;
  • steering free play;
  • change in force when turning the steering wheel.

Causes of Tie Rod End Faults

  • installing substandard spare parts;
  • frequent driving on poor quality roads;
  • moisture ingress on parts, causing grease washout;
  • dust deposition on the rod;
  • aggressive driving style;
  • drifting.

Diagnosis of the tie rod end

To determine the state of the tie rod end, you should inspect the part using a flashlight, in particular, the tie rod joint rubber boots for cracks. Also, do not forget to check whether there is a joint gap. To evaluate it, install a car on a service pit. For another method of diagnosis you will need an assistant. The assistant will briefly turn the steering wheel several times to the right/left, and you at this time have to examine the part, identifying whether there is air in the tie rod joint.

Replacement of the tie rod end

Due to the fact that the tie rod ends are attached individually, you do not have to dismantle the entire tie rod to replace them. So, if you have found some defects of the part during the examination, for the replacement you should:

  • lift the vehicle, lock the front and remove the wheel;
  • loosen the locking nut from the tie rod end on the tie rod arm;
  • push the tie rod end using a puller at the bottom of the steering arm and remove the nut;
  • loosen the locknut on the end of the tie rod, holding the tie rod hexagon from the gearbox with a wrench;
  • dismantle the tie rod end (we recommend to remember the exact number of turns in order to facilitate subsequent assembly);
  • install a new part, repeat the procedure in reverse order.

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