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Replace a Spare part Windshield wipers – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Windshield wipers

Faults of wiper blades
  • damage to the wiper blades;
  • normal wear and tear;
  • deformation of the wiper;
  • deterioration of aerodynamic performance and wiper downforce while driving.
Symptoms of wiper faults
  • when cleaning the glass wet areas or streaks remain;
  • loose wiper contact with the glass;
  • insufficient cleaning of the glass around the perimeter;
  • the presence of strange sounds during wiper performance.
Causes of wiper faults
  • wiper operation on dry glass;
  • prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or high temperatures;
  • dirt or icegetting under the blade;
  • looseness of wiper mountings;
  • icing of wipers in the winter;
  • ingress of lubricants or chemicals on the blade;
  • use of low-quality components;
  • use of low-quality washer fluid.

If there are any signs of malfunction it is necessary to bend the wiper arms and closely examine the surface of the blade. It should be flat and smooth, with no apparent mechanical damage and deformation.

After the inspection a test launch should be carried out: spraying washer fluid and turning on the wiper. If the glass is cleaned poorly, the blade must be replaced.

The average life of wiper blades is 4-6 months. After that they begin to lose their properties.

Repair of wiper blades

If any oil or adhesives get on a wiper blade it is not necessary to install a new part. It is enough to wash it with warm 20% caustic soda solution. Remember that washing off traces of oil with petrol is not recommended, because the fuel destroys the structure of the wiper blade.

In addition, most wipers allow to replace only the rubber blade parts. You only need to find a similar model. Buying blade will save more than half the cost of the entire wiper.

Replacing the wiper blades

To replace a damaged wiper blade, you must remove it from the arm by pushing the fixing clamp, which is located on top of the wiper arm. Even if you have no special knowledge, this procedure takes 5 minutes.

Keep in mind that a replacement of wiper blades should be carried out simultaneously in order to avoid uneven wear and tear.

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