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Replace a Spare part Water Pump + Timing Belt Kit – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Water Pump + Timing Belt Kit

This car part is fixed by bolts on the front wall of the cylinder. Between the block and the pump case a gasket is installed. Pump case has two elbows. The first one, side elbow, connects the lower radiator pipe with impeller chamber of the water pump. The second, upper elbow is connected to the thermostat case. Thermostat in this case is necessary for automatic temperature regulation of the water to accelerate the process of the engine warming up after starting. Water pump drive varies at different engine models.

In cars with four-cylinder or diesel engine this car part is located in the left side of the engine and is operated by V-belts. Car owners of these cars should remember that it is not allowed to drive without a drive water pump V-belt. Thus, a consequence of this can be serious engine damage. In cars with five-cylinder engine water pump is located on the left side of the engine, but it starts due to a toothed belt. In cars with six-cylinder engine the pump is started by the outer face of the toothed belt.

Water pumps in cars are quite reliable, have a high degree of operation and require no maintenance. Design life of modern pumps is about 50,000 kilometres. At the same time this mechanism can not be repaired. If you hear grinding sound when the water pump is working or appear leaks, unfortunately, it must be replaced. To install a new water pump you will need new gaskets for cars with four-, six-cylinder and diesel engines. If you change the pump in the car with a five-cylinder engine you will need a new gasket ring.

If you need quality car part at low price, do not buy it from service centres or specialty stores. The best solution is online shop. Here you will find a great variety of quality spare parts, like pads, toothed belt or V-belt at remunerative price.

Water Pump + Timing Belt Kit for SUZUKI GRAND VITARA II (JT), SAAB 9-3 (YS3F), PORSCHE 911 (996)

Malfunctions of the water pump
  • leak of coolant;
  • bearing wear;
  • damage to the impeller;
  • drive belt wear.
Symptoms of the water pump failure
  • car engine overheating;
  • the appearance of the pump pulley backlash;
  • the roar of the bearings when the engine is running;
  • the noise of the water pump;
  • odor of lubricating and cooling liquids from under the hood;
  • insufficient circulation of coolant.
Causes of water pump faults
  • improper installation of the impeller;
  • continuous load on the engine;
  • car operation in a mountainous area, in traffic jams or adverse climatic conditions;
  • use of poor-quality engine coolant;
  • the system leakage.

If you notice that the temperature indicator needle is higher than on the average during driving, you should turn on the car heater at full capacity. After a short period of time pull over, stop the engine and touch the radiator. If it is warm, it means that the water pump of your vehicle is faulty. In case that the pump drive belt is of a temperature higher than normal, the fault is detected, this item is out of order. Another simple method of the water pump diagnosis: start the car's engine to idle and simultaneously pinch the upper radiator hose, and then let go. If you feel a push of coolant, then the pump is working. The easiest way to diagnose is to carefully examine the parking space. If the pavement has visible wet spots, it means that your car has faulty pump, and if the spots are green, then the coolant leaks.

Repair and replacement of the water pump

An engine water pump should be replaced every 90,000 km. For replacement of the pump:

  • drain the old antifreeze;
  • remove the timing belt;
  • remove the three screws that secure the pump to the engine block;
  • dismantle the pump.

To carry out repairs and replacement of the part, contact a qualified staff of specialized services.

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