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Replace a Spare part Car battery – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Car battery

Malfunctions of battery

  • break of electric circuit
  • short circuit between electrodes
  • splicing violation of plates with bridges
  • oxidation of terminals
  • sulphation and early corrosion of electrodes
  • low battery charge level
  • decrease of electrolyte level
  • mechanical damages to battery elements
  • drying out and cracking of seal, caps and reservoir
  • loosening of mount

Signs of battery malfunctions

  • car won’t start
  • electrolyte acquired muddy color
  • strong battery vibration can be noticed when the engine is working
  • the device runs out fast
  • unstable work of elements depending on battery (engine, starter)
  • no voltage between individual batteries
  • battery elements emit hydrogen sulphide
  • heatng of the terminals takes place

Causes of battery malfunctions

  • battery regularly discharged to stop and was undercharged
  • car idle for a long time
  • device was discharged for inadmissibly long time
  • required level of electrolyte solution in the tank was not maintained
  • electrolyte contamination with impurities occured
  • battery was exposed to extreme temperatures

Battery diagnostics

While meeting all operating requirements and taking care of the device, an average life cycle of a battery is 4 years. It is necessary to examine battery condition at every preventive maintenance. Besides, from time to time check the battery terminals voltage with the use of a voltage meter by yourself. Indicator near 12,6V proves full battery charge, lower than 11V its uselessness.

Battery repair and replacement

Local battery damages can be repaired by yourself: renew electrolyte, tighten the bolts, take off and clean the terminals. If electrode sulphation, short circuits and polarity change are diagnosed, than the battery must be replaced, which is not difficult at all.

It is preferable to borrow another battery for the time being and power car electrical equipment (car stereo, navigator, trip computer) to avoid any resetting.

Then do the following:

  • Take battery terminals off (it is recommended to start with “+”)
  • Unscrew the bolts in the presence of attachment to the housing bottom
  • Force apart the housing halves, pull the battery by the handle and get it out of slots
  • Insert a new battery into slots
  • Tighten bolts
  • Get on new terminals (begin with “-“)

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