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Replace a Spare part Brake Calipers – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Brake Calipers

Brake calliper is a complex and critical part in the car, which is made of high-tech materials. Traffic safety and the safety of road users depend on this car part operation. Due to the fact that brake discs have to work in close conditions with high temperatures, the temperature of the disc and shoe friction can reach 500 degrees. With regard to the surfaces of other parts, their possible temperature reaches up to 150 degrees. Of course, the same values are eliminated during normal driving, but it is real for aggressive driving or when driving on mountain serpentine. Also do not forget about other influencing elements - water and salt, which get on the parts while driving. Brake fluid from the brake system also has a considerable influence.

In order to provide an excellent operation of the brake calliper in such super working conditions there are used special lubricants, which contribute to long-term operation of car parts under extreme conditions of work. Often the use of low-quality lubricants entails the failure of the calliper, as that lubricants can be washed away by water, dissolved by brake fluid or they damage the elastomeric and plastic support parts. This may cause failure of the braking system of the car while driving.

Along with other problems with the brake caliper, the main problem of all car owners is to buy a new spare part. If the installation of complex parts is not worth saving and it is better to pay a professional to repair the failure, when purchasing new parts you can and must save. Neither repair shops, nor specialty stores can offer such price, for example, for brake pads, brake discs or other spare parts as our online store does. So if you decide to replace any part in your car, first order it in our online shop and only then can go to a service center to replace the failed car part with a new one.

Brake Calipers for VW KAEFER Convertible (15), KIA SPORTAGE (K00), VOLVO 240 Kombi (P245)

Faults of disc brake caliper
  • caliper offset;
  • wear and tear, mechanical damage or corrosion of caliper bracket;
  • deformation of the caliper;
  • jamming of the piston in the caliper;
  • wear of caliper pads;
  • damage or deformation of the bracket;
  • failure of the piston boots.
Symptoms of disc brake caliper faults
  • uneven braking;
  • knocking in the suspension, which disappears during braking;
  • abnormal sounds during braking (whistle, rattle, creak);
  • vibration of the wheels when pressing the brake pedal;
  • the vehicle pulling to one side during braking;
  • brakes binding.
Causes of disc brake caliper faults
  • use of low-quality lubricants and spare parts;
  • use of inappropriate lubricant or its incompatibility with the parts;
  • looseness of caliper mountings;
  • ingress of air into the braking system;
  • contamination or foreign objects getting into the system;
  • incorrect installation and adjustment of the caliper;
  • aggressive driving style.

Diagnosis of the brake caliper is necessary to carry out at least once a month. You should assess its structural condition and operation of the entire brake system. To do this, make a few test stops of the car, after accelerating up to 60-80 km/h on a dry flat road. The braking distance must be even and the braking process smooth and silent.

It is also necessary to check the amount of lubricant in the system, and fastening. A more detailed analysis should be done in a service shop. This requires the complete dismantling of the system and its cleaning from grease and brake fluid. System diagnostics should be done every 15 000-20 000 kilometers. It is also worth remembering that the front calipers wear 2-3 times faster than the rear ones.

Repair and replacement of a disk brake caliper

The caliper is a very wear-resistant part, so repair works are quite relevant, because they allow you to save money and effort. You should first disconnect the item and using sandblasting at a service shop completely clear it of oil and brake fluid. Then you need to calibrate the part and replace the seals.

In case of a serious damage only the caliper replacement is required. This work is also necessary to be entrusted to the professionals, because the entire brake system performance will depend on correctness of the installation.

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