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Replace a Spare part Brake pads – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Brake pads

Malfunctions of brake linings
  • excessive wear of the material;
  • uneven wear;
  • scratches, chips or peeling of lining;
  • cracks or mechanical damage to the brake lining;
  • deformation of the brake lining.
Symptoms of brake linings failure
  • a significant increase in braking distance;
  • whistling sound during braking;
  • change of the vehicle path during hard braking;
  • vibration or the wheels wobble during braking;
  • material lining projection out of the shoe.
Causes of brake linings malfunctions
  • failure to comply with the part operation terms and rules;
  • sporty driving style;
  • getting lubricant or dirt on the brake lining;
  • use of low quality consumables;
  • looseness of brake pads;
  • installation of the wrong type brake linings.

One of the main signs of brake linings malfunction is a loud whistle when braking. Modern brake pads have a special surface that contributes to a loud noise when braking, if the pads have worn out. In this case, you should replace the linings or the pads themselves as soon as possible.

The limit for operating the brake linings is 15 000-20 000 kilometers. Its excess can have a negative impact on the quality of braking and traffic safety.

Repair and replacement of brake linings

Repair of the brake linings is not carried out. Damaged components must be only replaced. Connection of the brake shoe and lining depends on the pads type. Replacement of the brake linings should be carried out only at a service station, because the braking safety depends on the correct installation of brake linings.

Brake pads replacement - instructions, descriptions and repair

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