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    Control arm

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    Anti-roll bar link

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    Suspension ball joint

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    Wishbone bushes

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    Control arm repair kit

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    Wheel spacers

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    Steering knuckle

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    Anti-roll bar bushes

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    Axle bushes

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    Wheel bolts and wheel nuts

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    Anti roll bar

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    Repair kit, support- / steering link

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    Shaft seal, wheel hub

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    Bracket, stabilizer mounting

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Axle and final drive faults

  • wear or mechanical damage to the gear teeth of the axle drive;
  • wear of the differential cross;
  • differential blocking;
  • wear of the seals;
  • mechanical damage to the axis;
  • corrosion or oxidation of metals.

Symptoms of axle and final drive failure

  • noise in the rear drive case while driving at high speeds;
  • vibration underneath while driving;
  • oil leaks from the differential;
  • excessive heating of the final drive case;
  • easing tension of bearings;
  • complication of pivot pins motion when cornering;
  • visual deflection or deformation of the axis and adjacent parts.

Causes of axle and final drive faults

  • gear wear;
  • low or no lubrication of the differential and torque components;
  • clogging or wear of seals;
  • mechanical damage due to accidents or careless driving;
  • aggressive or sporting driving style;
  • frequent rude or too abrupt clutch engagement;
  • unfastening of holders and gaps in them.


Assessment of the axis, of the axle drive and the differential can be done without special tools. With a jack, lift platform or pit inspect all assembly joints, their state and mobility. Check and constantly monitor the level of grease in the rear axle unit (on vehicles with rear-wheel drive) or in the front axle and the differential (for vehicles with front-wheel drive). If the oil stains on the axle or differential it is necessary to eliminate the gaps and restore the oil level. A full system diagnosis is required every 50 000-75 000 kilometers.

Repair and replacement of axles and final drive

This activity is very time consuming and requires the work of several people. It is best done in a service shop. It is important to remember that the gears are replaced only in pairs, so as not to provoke the uneven wear of the components and the subsequent failure of the entire system. Replacing differential requires certain skills and special equipment, so it is not recommended to perform single-handed. Repair of the differential outer casing and the elimination of gaps and cracks are also best left to professionals. The axis replacement is only required when it has visible damages and deformation. Other than that its lifetime is unlimited.

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