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Diesel and petrol fuel pump for my car

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Replace a Spare part Fuel pump – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Fuel pump

Malfunctions of the fuel pump

  • mechanical damage;
  • contamination and pollution;
  • failure of the pressure regulator;
  • damage to the pump relay;
  • short circuit or damage to electrical wiring;
  • wear.

Symptoms of the fuel pump failure

  • reduction of engine power;
  • change of the engine operation sound;
  • low pressure in the fuel system;
  • hindered start of the engine;
  • slow vehicle acceleration when pressing the gas pedal.

Causes of the fuel pump malfunctions

  • constant driving with a minimum amount of fuel in the system;
  • corrosion of the fuel tank;
  • contamination of the fuel filter;
  • dirt or water getting into the fuel;
  • overheating of the pump;
  • use of low-quality fuel.


If indirect signs indicate a problem in the the pump operation, it is necessary to measure the pressure level. Initially, the pump fuse is switched off and the engine runs at idle. After the engine stop from lack of fuel measurements are carried out. The pump pressure pump in the priming mode should be 2.5-4 MPa. And this level should be set within 2 seconds.

When measuring the pressure at idle, a pressure gauge needle has to shiver a little. Strong fluctuations indicate a clogged pump.

After turning off the ignition pressure must stay on the same level. If it drops, there is a problem of the pump anti drain-back valve or a system leak.

Also check the amount of fuel passing through the injectors. To do this, disconnect the fuel line and pour the fuel from the pump into a measuring container. The optimum amount of fuel passing per minute is indicated in the technical documentation of the vehicle.

Serviceability of the wiring can be checked by connecting a voltmeter. The system voltage must be 12 V. You can also measure it using the contact closure to the 12-volt bulb.

If there is no response of the pump, check the wiring and fuse.

The average service life of the fuel pump is 2 to 5 years or 200,000 kilometers, provided the use of high-quality fuel.

Replacement and repair of the fuel pump

You can repair the fuel pump only if it is contaminated. In this case it is necessary to disconnect the pump mesh and clean it with a special liquid. The nozzles should be cleaned the same way.

If mechanical damage occurs it is recommended to urgently replace the part.

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