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Replace a Spare part Fuel filter – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Fuel filter

Operation of the modern car is simply impossible without the use of all necessary filters. In order to exclude any harmful solids getting into the engine and its systems, vehicles are supplied with oil cleaning, fuel and air filters. To clean air inside the car cabin interior filters are used.

Every car owner knows that the fuel filter is one of the essential components of the internal combustion engine in any car. Any fuel that the driver pours into the tank requires further purification. This is because the fuel contains a larger or smaller percentage of unwanted impurities. Fuel filter is able to clean it just before it enters the fuel line, and this significantly reduces the risk of the engine clogging and prolongs its service life. Clean fuel provides reliable, comfortable, failure-free and safe operation of any vehicle. Absence of the filter leads to contamination of the engine and may have a negative impact on its operation. This is the reason why it is necessary to be careful when choosing a fuel filter and take care of its regular replacement.

When purchasing fuel filter in our online store, in addition to low prices and fast delivery you get a number of advantages. The fuel in your car will be safely protected from dirt and impurities and the engine will be protected from its untimely wear. Due to metal construction with a bilateral anti-corrosion coating our fuel filters prevent the formation of corrosion products and their getting into the fuel system. And the most important fact, fuel filters from car parts makers is absolutely airtight construction that prevents leakage of fuel and the risk of fire. In addition to fuel filter, you can also buy hydraulic filters, oil filters, fuel filters and interior filters.


Malfunction of the fuel filter
  • clogging of the fuel filter;
  • mechanical damage to the filter;
  • damage to the seals and gaskets.
Symptoms of the fuel filter failure
  • slow engine ramp up;
  • increase in fuel consumption;
  • reduction in the engine maximum power;
  • dips in the engine cycle in all operating conditions;
  • hindered engine starting;
  • no ignition;
  • incorrect gear shifting (in automatic gearbox).
Causes of the fuel filter malfunctions
  • use of low-quality fuel;
  • frequent engine operation at idling;
  • ingress of small foreign particles in the fuel tank;
  • incorrect installation of the filter;
  • peeling of filter rubber seal.

The fuel filter routine check is recommended after every 10,000 kilometers. Despite the fact that manufacturers specify the part life in 50 000-60 000 kilometers, it is best to replace them after 25 000-30 000 kilometers. These precautions will ensure quality work throughout the fuel system. Fine filters are sensitive to mechanical damage, so you need to work with them with the utmost care.

Fuel filter replacement - instructions, descriptions and repair

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