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Replace a Spare part Coil springs – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Coil springs

Faults of springs

  • spring leaves deformation;
  • damage to the bound stopper;
  • loosening nuts;
  • failure of the top spring leaf;
  • part corrosion;
  • rivet breakage;
  • wear of spring bolts and bushes.

Symptoms of springs failure

  • frequent suspension breakdowns;
  • appearance of strange sounds;
  • periodic skid;
  • increasing suspension rigidity;
  • roll to one side;
  • reduced vehicle clearance.

Causes of springs faults

  • aggressive driving style;
  • moisture impact on the item;
  • frequently exceeded carrying capacity of the car;
  • untimely maintenance;
  • operation of the vehicle on roads with a poor surface.

Diagnosis of springs

Checking the springs condition is recommended every 10 thousand kilometers. We recommend you to turn to professionals for the diagnosis. Checking of this part is carried out with and without removal. In the first case, the diagnosis will be carried out on a special stand, which will simulate working conditions of a spring. A more effective method of diagnosis is on drum stands. Experts quickly determine by the deflection amount, if the part has defects.

Repair of springs

In order to prevent failures you need to renew the paint on the part, as well as to lubricate the place of leaves contact. This is to avoid breakage of spring bolts. If the bolts failure occurs during the movement, it is recommended to stop and set an iron rod or a screwdriver between them, and then tie the rod with a wire and go to a service station. In case of spring leaves breakage on the way (the metal creaking indicates it) you should place two wrenches on top and bottom of the broken leaf. Tie this structure with a wire, and with extreme caution go to a service station, trying to avoid all the holes on the road.

Repair and replacement of springs

If the part cannot be repaired, you should replace it. So, you need:

  • loosen the nuts;
  • disconnect the shock absorber;
  • unload the spring by lifting the car and installing support;
  • dismantle the bolt, the spring and support washers;
  • remove the spring;
  • remove hinges from spring lugs;
  • if necessary, clean the piece from dirt or rust;
  • inspect the joints, bolts, shackles, washers;
  • If the unit components do not require replacement, install them on a new spring;
  • install the new part.

Coil springs replacement - instructions, descriptions and repair

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