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Replace a Spare part Spark plug – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Spark plug

Spark plugs failure

  • wear on the surface;
  • cracks or contamination of the insulator;
  • soot on the spark plugs electrodes;
  • bridging the gap between the electrodes;
  • destruction of the part.

Symptoms of faulty spark plugs

  • increase of CO in the exhaust gas;
  • hindered engine start (starter operates but the engine will not start / starts after long starter operation);
  • reduced vehicle dynamics;
  • engine vibrates while driving, more distinctly at idle;
  • reduced power capacity;
  • increased fuel consumption.

Causes of spark plugs faults

  • the center electrode (core) is covered with deposit;
  • wear of piston rings;
  • pollution or damage to the cooling system water pump;
  • incorrectly selected spark plug operating temperature;
  • too long ignition;
  • engine overload;
  • poor performance of water cooling system.


Even an ordinary inspection of the spark plug will determine their condition and identify malfunctions of the engine. It is necessary to analyze the color of the insulator of the spark plug working tip. Normal state, indicating the optimal operation of the engine, is a light tan or grayish spark plug color. Whereas the dark color (black wet or dry deposits) indicates too cold heat range of the spark, excessively rich mixture, a possible reduction of vacuum, low compression, late ignition timing or the spark gap is too large.

Repair and replacement of spark plugs

The requirements of the majority of manufacturers state: spark plugs are subject only to replacement, but not to repair. Average service time is 15 thousand kilometers. You can replace the spark plugs on your own:

  • disconnect the high-voltage ignition wire;
  • now take the high-pressure compressor and clean any dust around the spark plugs with an airflow;
  • when installing a new spark plug pay special attention to the spark gap, referring to the official sources (manufacturer web site).

Spark plug replacement - instructions, descriptions and repair

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