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AUDI car parts

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Spares AUDI A4
A4 FROM 11.1994
Spares AUDI A6
A6 FROM 06.1994
Spares AUDI A3
A3 FROM 09.1996
Spares AUDI 80
80 FROM 05.1972
Spares AUDI 100
100 FROM 11.1968
Spares AUDI A8
A8 FROM 03.1994
Spares AUDI TT
TT FROM 10.1998
Spares AUDI A2
A2 FROM 02.2000
Spares AUDI A5
A5 FROM 06.2007
COUPE FROM 07.1980
Spares AUDI 90
90 FROM 09.1966
Spares AUDI Q7
Q7 FROM 03.2006
Spares AUDI 200
200 FROM 10.1979
Spares AUDI R8
R8 FROM 04.2007
Spares AUDI V8
V8 FROM 10.1988
Spares AUDI Q5
Q5 FROM 11.2008
Spares AUDI Q3
Q3 FROM 06.2011
Spares AUDI A1
A1 FROM 05.2010
Spares AUDI A7
A7 FROM 10.2010
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AUDI Car parts

Audi AG is a German automaker, which produces vehicles under the Audi brand. The company belongs to the Volkswagen Group concern. Vehicles of the brand occupy a leading position in the resale auto market.

Audi cars

In 1909, August Horch founded Audi Automobil-Werke, and thus the history of the Audi brand began. In the early stages of its development, the company developed powertrains and suspension, and then began producing vehicles with left-hand steering. Earlier, the steering wheel in all German cars had located on the right side.

The Audi first cars were equipped with six and eight-cylinder engines, which allowed to accelerate to 125 km/h. Further, the company got involved in the production of small-sized front wheel drive cars. In 1932, the Auto Union AG group was established, which included DKW, Audi, Horch and Wanderer companies. Audi’s specialization became the production of middle class cars. During the Second World War, those plants, which managed to survive, were reformed. Beginning of the current stage in the history of Audi as a part of the Volkswagen Group concern dates back to 1965.

Currently, premium cars are produced under the Audi brand. The Audi model range includes vehicles in different body styles - coupe sedans, convertibles, hatchbacks, crossovers, wagons, roadsters and SUVs. Recently the information has been made public that the company intends to engage in the production of minivans and pickups.

Top 5 Audi models

  1. AUDI 80 (8C, B4) 1.9 TD
  2. AUDI 80 (8C, B4) 1.9 TDI
  3. AUDI 80 (8C, B4) 1.6
  4. AUDI 80 (8C, B4) 1.6 E
  5. AUDI 80 (8C, B4) 2.0

Advantages of Audi Cars:

  • ergonomic interior;
  • powerful and highly reliable power units;
  • first-class design;
  • sustainability;
  • enhanced safety;
  • economical fuel consumption;
  • ease of management and good maneuverability;
  • high-quality electronic equipment;
  • lightweight body and components.

The equipment of the predominant majority of Audi models includes all-wheel drive quattro. It provides maximum adhesion to the road surface, allows the car to accelerate and maneuver smoothly and facilitates control of the vehicle. In addition, modern cars provide an automatic parking system, adaptive cruise control and a traffic jam assistant.

The best Audi parts

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