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Replace a Spare part Rear Silencer (Exhaust Muffler) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Rear Silencer (Exhaust Muffler)

In new cars there are mainly installed two mufflers. The muffler closest to the engine is called a front silencer and behind it there is main or rear muffler. The main silencer has a function of the final noise rejection. Unlike the front silencer, its design is far complex. Inside its metal case there are several perforated pipes. At the same time the case is divided by bulkheads into 2 or 4 cameras, which are often filled with sound absorbing material.

By the way, the most modernized structural component of the exhaust system is just the muffler. When the exhaust system is customized, there is installed a straight silencer. It represents a straight tube for all cameras, which does not change the direction of flow. However, this component does not give an extra power. Its main advantage is a kind of sound that is comparable with the sound of racing cars.

With regard to materials used in the production of silencers, they are quite durable. The case itself is made of a stainless steel and perforated pipe placed in it is wrapped by a steel mesh and fibreglass material that absorbs sound. This mesh is necessary to protect materials. Steel mesh provides protection of material mainly from blowing out.

If it is necessary to replace the muffler, do not look for the analogue parts for your car, as only original parts can guarantee you excellent quality. To save more, refer to our online shop, where you will find any details (wheel hub bearing, fog lights, etc) at great prices. Moreover, when ordering in our online shop, do not worry about delivery terms. You will get your order in several working days.

Rear Silencer (Exhaust Muffler) for NISSAN TERRANO II (R20), NISSAN ALMERA Mk II (N16), CITROËN AX (ZA-_)

Faults of main silencer
  • mechanical damage to the silencer;
  • loss of connections and fastenings tightness;
  • wear, displacement or damage of gaskets;
  • loss of the system integrity;
  • wear or damage of perforated tubes or soundproofing material.
Symptoms of the main silencer faults
  • high noise level of exhaust gases;
  • exhaust gases output not only from the exhaust pipe;
  • significant loss in engine power.
Causes of main silencer faults
  • damage to the silencer due to an accident or a crash;
  • exceeding the service life of the part;
  • metal corrosion;
  • use of low-quality fuel;
  • failure of the dampers supporting the silencer.

Approximate service life of the aluminized steel silencer is 2-3 years. After expiry its use is not recommended, because clogged perforated tube may be difficult for the exhaust gases to pass, which will create additional pressure on the system and can cause the engine to overheat.

Exhaust system should be checked for faults every 50,000 kilometers. With sporty driving or operating the vehicle in the conditions of the poor quality road surface it is recommended to diagnose a bit more often.

Repair and replacement of the main silencer

Small damages or holes of the outer housing can be corrected using the welding equipment. Nevertheless, it is a temporary measure, and this part is still subject to the prompt replacement.

To replace the faulty part, you must unscrew the silencer fastening clamp nut and catalytic converter mounting. Then you need to remove the gaskets from the silencer and remove the support bracket and dampers. The task does not require special skills, but the exhaust system proper operation requires proper silencer installation.

Be sure to check that the installed silencer is correctly placed on the bracket and dampers, and does not touch the other car systems components. During operation, the item is very hot and can burn the parking brake cable insulation among other things.

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