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timing belt kit for my car

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Replace a Spare part Timing belt kit – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Timing belt kit

A timing belt kit is a set of parts that ensure the transmission of torque from a crankshaft pulley to other assemblies.

Parts of a timing belt kit:

  • a belt or chain
  • tensioners and idlers
  • oil seals and gaskets
  • pulleys
  • gears
  • spark plug tube seals
  • fasteners

Some manufacturers also include a water pump.


A timing belt kit provides a synchronized operation of the engine pistons and valves. Fitting all the components of the kit simultaneously is advised for optimum operation of the parts as it protects them from premature wear.

Common problems with timing belt kits - causes and symptoms

Components of a valvetrain are exposed to significant pressures including vibration, temperature changes and friction. These pressures lead to natural wear and tear of the components. Therefore it is recommended to replace them after 60–100 thousand kilometres or every 5 years. Failure to replace the parts in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines increases the risk of tearing the belt. A new belt is required before the time or distance limit has been reached if:

  • Cracks and other mechanical damage occur. This could happen if foreign objects get inside the mechanism or because of a sudden temperature change. An indicator of this issue is clicking sounds coming from the bonnet when the engine is running.
  • Torn belt. This could occur as a result of contamination or because of the pump, bearings or tensioner getting stuck. If this happens the engine cannot start and the car must be towed.
  • Not enough tension. This normally happens as a result of the tensioner malfunctioning and leads to the whole system failing. The air-fuel mixture is ignited earlier or later than is required.
  • Stuck roller or pump. This can be a consequence of corrosion caused by contamination. It could also be a result of incorrect installation. A symptom of this problem is squeaking coming from the engine. is an ideal place for buying spare parts

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