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Replace a Spare part Lambda Sensor (Oxygen Sensor) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Lambda Sensor (Oxygen Sensor)

Lambda sensor is a measuring device, which allows estimating the degree of concentration of the combustible mixture. This device works on the principle of the chemical generator. There is a permanent comparison of the oxygen in the exhaust manifold and out the engine. If the level of oxygen in the exhaust manifold reduces, the potential of this sensor becomes higher. As soon as heating is up to the operating temperature, the device becomes active. Using the oxygen sensor and other sensors readings, car computer provides the best fuel economy, maximum power output and reduced toxicity of emissions.

If on the dash panel of your car lights up the control sensor lamp, you need to test the device and understand whether it is in good order. If the indicator lights up, it indicates that the operation life is up. Typically, this occurs after 30-60 thousand kilometres or 2.000 engine starts. Faulty lambda sensor could result in fuel consumption increase. So, if the computer shows an oxygen sensor fault code, check it. As a rule the vehicle’s engine becomes less powerful if the oxygen sensor is faulty. In order to prevent possible problems, use silicone seals and gaskets that contact with oil. In this case, it is important not to soil the sensor with oil or antifreeze outside.

Of course, do not give a lot of tension on the sensor, since it could run the danger of the external potential value. It is possible to test the oxygen sensor both when it is in the car and removed. To do this you only need a voltmeter with high internal resistance. It is as simple to replace the lambda sensor, as to buy a new one. However, remember that in specialty stores or car repair cost of this and many other parts like the oil level sensor or throttle sensor is much higher than in the online store.

Lambda Sensor (Oxygen Sensor) for VW PASSAT Variant (3C5), OPEL ASTRA H (L48), VOLVO S40 I (VS)

Faults of lambda probe
  • mechanical breakdowns;
  • thermal overload due to misfires;
  • separation of connection circuits;
  • closure;
  • clogging with fuel combustion products.
Symptoms of lambda probe failure
  • increase in exhaust emissions;
  • increase in fuel consumption;
  • unstable idling;
  • reduction in vehicle dynamics;
  • breakdown of the catalyst;
  • car jerks even if the engine is warmed up.
Causes of lambda probe faults
  • brake fluid and antifreeze getting to the part;
  • poor state of oil rings;
  • сleaning lambda probe housing with chemically active substances;
  • exposure to the concentrated air-fuel mixture;
  • increased concentration of lead compounds in fuel;
  • clogging of the fuel filter;
  • leakage of the lambda probe housing;
  • ingress of air or the exhaust gases;
  • improper or interrupted power supply, which leads to the main control unit;
  • oxygen sensor elements overheating due to poor quality of the fuel mixture;
  • worn-out state of the part.

In order to diagnose the lambda probe state, start the engine and warm it. The level of residual oxygen in the exhaust gas is displayed correctly at 300-400 °C. Use the oscilloscope to assess the frequency and waveform. The next step is to identify indicators of the part heater resistance at room temperature (the norm is from 2 to 14 ohms). Now check the voltage of the heater with the ignition on (the required indicator is 10.5). We remind you that lambda probe inspection is necessary every 30 thousand kilometers.

Repair and replacement of lambda probe

The only kind of repair work that is relevant to this item, is cleaning the sensor from contamination with fuel combustion products. To remove the oxygen sensor, heat it to 50 ° C. For cleaning experts recommend the use of phosphoric acid. Soak the item for 15-20 minutes in acid, then rinse it with clean water. Dry the item, check the thread, then be sure to use mounting paste. At the same time, make sure that the paste does not touch the part’s protection tube. The connector, through which the oxygen is supplied should not be processed. If the cleaning process has not given the expected results, there is only replacement option. You can replace the defective part by yourself or refer to specialists.

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