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Replace a Spare part Alternator (Generator) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Alternator (Generator)

Generators that are installed in the cars belong to the groups of generators with a rotating field winding. This car part consists of a rotor, stator and a rectifier assembly. Stator is a kind of a ring of electrical steel plates, on the inner surface of which there are poles of the winding and five turns. Therefore, in this phase there are six coils that are connected to each other. The ends are connected to the leading-out terminals. The magnetic field is generated by the excitation coil and magnetic circuit, which are located on the rotor. In the field winding power is supplied from the battery through the ignition switch, relay controller, brushes and slip rings.

When the generator rotor starts to rotate, the magnetic field crosses the force lines of the stator winding conductor, after which they produce an alternating electric current. Current begins to flow into the silicon rectifier unit, where the rectification of electrical current occurs and the electric current is supplied to the external circuit.

You can control the operation of the generator with the help of an ammeter, which is installed on the dashboard. Regarding the speed of the engine crankshaft and rotor rotation, it is worth saying that it is changeable.

The main problems with generator faced by car owners are: no charging current, the presence of the discharge current in the measuring device when car engine is operating at medium and high speeds of the crankshaft and the failure of the generator and rectifier. The absence of charging current occurs when the belt slips or there is a breakage of winding wires or loss of stator phases. But if there is a failure of the generator in your car, do not rush to buy a new one. First you need to see the catalogue of products and prices that online shopping can offer you. Whatever car part you want to buy, here you will find everything you need, including ignition module, slave cylinder, or other parts much cheaper.

Alternator (Generator) for VW LUPO (6X1, 6E1), BMW 5 (E28),

Malfunctions of the alternator
  • pollution, burning or oiling of slip rings;
  • slipping of the drive belt;
  • field break;
  • wear or destruction of the bearings;
  • loose nut of a pulley;
  • contact of rotor and stator poles;
  • wear of the bearing seat;
  • oxidation of brushes.
Symptoms of alternator faults
  • discharging or overcharging (gassing) of the battery;
  • strange sounds in the alternator;
  • battery charge warning light continuously blinks or is on when the engine is running;
  • dim light of car headlights;
  • rattling or quiet sound when the engine is running;
  • extremely high rate of on-board network voltage level;
  • a significant change in the light brightness with increasing number of turns.
Causes of faulty alternator
  • using components of low quality;
  • substantial wear or corrosion of the alternator;
  • breaking of voltage regulator;
  • breakage or deformation of contact springs;
  • violation of operation rules when working outside normal mode;
  • external factors:
    • dirt;
    • high temperature;
    • salt;
    • water;
    • road chemicals.

It is recommended to diagnose the alternator state by means of special measuring instruments: voltmeter or ammeter. You can diagnose the alternator both independently or turn to professionals who will make the necessary measurements on a special stand. If you want to diagnose the part by yourself, then measure the voltage at the battery terminals. Then start the engine and make the same measurements. The norm is: 12 before the engine start, from 13.8 to 14.4 after the start. If you have recorded a higher voltage, then there is "overcharging" (faulty voltage regulator), if low voltage then the current does not flow.

Repair and replacement of alternator

The service life of the alternator does not exceed 160 thousand kilometers. Any mechanical problem can be resolved by replacing the faulty units and components. If you have an older model car alternator you may need to bore slip rings. Drive belts are changed due to wear, the maximum extension or expiration of service life. Alternator rewinding is sometimes found among the services of mechanics, but more and more seldom due to a high cost and inexpediency.

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