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Replace a Spare part Clutch Slave Cylinder – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Clutch Slave Cylinder

Malfunctions of the slave cylinder

  • corrosion or leakage of the working surface;
  • cracks on the surface;
  • problems with the piston mechanism;
  • contamination of the part;
  • wear of components;
  • ingress of air into the hydraulic drive through damaged O-rings.

Symptoms of the slave cylinder malfunction

  • strange sounds while turning the clutch on or off;
  • the system works in spurts;
  • traces of the working fluid on the clutch release cylinders housing;
  • the clutch pedal has become overly pliable;
  • gear change is not carried out immediately.

Causes of the working cylinder faults

  • frequent changes of temperature;
  • wear of the part;
  • aggressive driving style;
  • installation of low-quality components;
  • driving on roads of poor quality.

Diagnosis of the working cylinder

Diagnosis of the working cylinder is recommended to run at the same time as checking all the clutch system. By yourself you can carry out only inspection for smudges in the cylinder connecting places. A more detailed check is recommended in a service shop.

Repair and replacement of the working cylinder

Repairs include restoring the tightness of the cylinder, only a piston mechanism repair or the air removal from the hydraulic circuit. We remind you that the mandatory replacement of the part is required every 3 years or 125 thousand kilometers. To install a new cylinder, you will need:

  • disconnect "minus" wire from the battery;
  • drain the tank of the clutch release hydraulic drive;
  • remove the lock pin from the hole in the cylinder push rod;
  • remove the clutch fork return spring;
  • unscrew the hose connection, the two screws and remove the push rod from the hole;
  • dismantle the cylinder;
  • remove the bolts from the apertures in the element;
  • make installation of the new operating cylinder in the reverse order;
  • fill the hydraulic clutch drive;
  • make adjustment of the gap between the cylinder push rod and the clutch fork.
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