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Replace a Spare part Wheel hub – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Wheel hub

Wheel hub is a revolving part of the suspension, on which front and rear wheels are mounted. The hub is designed to set the wheels with the help of bearings on the axis of rotation, which is named a journal. The hub has a lip for disc or wheel rim mounting. To it brake drum or brake disc is attached. Hubs are mounted on tapered roller or ball thrust bearings that accept both direct and axial loads transmitted from the wheel to the hub. Tapered roller bearings are supporting a great opportunity in comparison with ball bearings. And this is mainly due to the fact that the rollers form the linear region of contact with the bearing races ring, while the balls form a smaller, dot area.

As apposed to same primary transfer roller bearings, tapered roller bearings hub control is provided by a small axial gap. In the process of use because of wear of existing surfaces axial clearance in the bearings increases. Thus in the hubs there are provided adjusting devices. Recently, in the cars there are mostly used ball angular thrust wheel hub bearings. These bearings are filled with a reliable lubricant coating when assembling them. They are also quite firmly inserted into the hub and do not need to be maintained and adjusted. Wheel hub is hidden under a mudguard decorative cap.

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Wheel hub failures
  • deformation of the body;
  • wheel backlash;
  • destruction and shifting of wheel bearings;
  • wear of the seal.
Symptoms of wheel hub failure
  • deterioration of the vehicle speed performance;
  • severe heating of the disc;
  • knock and noise in the suspension when the vehicle moves;
  • severe hum during turns.
Causes of wheel hub faults
  • insufficient lubrication;
  • systematic overload of the car;
  • aggressive driving style;
  • parts manufacturing defect;
  • poor quality of the road surface;
  • mechanical damage;
  • leakage of the system;
  • ingress of water and dirt into the parts.

It is difficult to identify the wheel hub problems initially. This requires special equipment, which is at service stations. Independently you can determine a fault in the following ways:

It is necessary to accelerate the car to a speed of 50 km/h and pull from one side to the other. When there is a fault in the front wheel hubs there will be a distinctive rumble. If the noise level increases during cornering to the right side, the problem is in the left bearing. When the roar grows when turning left, the right bearing must be replaced.

For diagnosing the failure of the rear wheel hubs you should lift the car using a jack, and then turn the wheels manually. If there is a damage, vibration or backlash will be felt.

After driving you need to put your hand on the discs. Their heating indicates that the hub is out of order.

Repair and replacement of the wheel hub

For cars that are manufactured before 2000, mileage without replacement of the part is up to 400 000 kilometers. Medium operation period of the wheel hub on a more modern vehicles is at least 100 000 km. With strongly worn components the hub should be replaced.

Replacement is recommended in pairs. This will require a standard set of tools: a jack, a set of wrenches and screwdrivers. If the problem lies in the wheel bearing, for their dismantling you will need a chisel and hammer. In the case when the hub sits tight an impact extractor is required.

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