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Faults of clutch
  • damage on the surface of the pressure and driven plates;
  • cable wear;
  • blockage of the hydraulic drive;
  • deformation of discs;
  • greasing of driven plate linings;
  • breakage of the release bearing;
  • corrosion of the flywheel;
  • the weakening of the diaphragm or shock absorbing spring;
  • wear of the clutch fork;
  • failure of the driven plate splines.
Symptoms of clutch failure
  • increased clutch vibration;
  • jerks when operating the clutch;
  • slipping of the clutch;
  • noise, squeaking, grinding at the clutch;
  • periodic skids (the clutch starts to "trail").
Causes of clutch faults
  • aggressive driving style;
  • dirt, chemically active substances or moisture ingress on the components;
  • installing low quality parts;
  • riding the clutch;
  • ignoring the terms, recommendations and requirements for operation.
Repair and replacement of the clutch

We recommend to ask for professional help, if repair and replacement is needed. To replace, perform the following steps:

  • remove the gearbox;
  • set the drift pin into the hole of the driven plate hub;
  • remove the mounting bolts;
  • then remove it, along with the pressure and driven plate;
  • inspect the clutch disc (cracks are not allowed);
  • check the condition of the friction linings (if rivet heads are located at a distance of 0.2 millimeters, the clutch disc must be replaced);
  • check the beating of the driven plate (distortion, as well as the beating of more than 0.5 mm - are not allowed);
  • inspect the flywheel and pressure plate (if necessary, replace components that fail);
  • if you find riveted joints loosening of the cover and the pressure plate, replace the cover and the disc;
  • assess the support rings of the compression spring (at the detection of cracks and wear traces replace the cover and the pressure plate);
  • before you install a replaceable part, inspect the driven plate (it is essential that this item is moved by the clutch shaft splines shift easily, otherwise, correct the malfunction or make replacement of the auto part);
  • install the centering drift pin in the disk splines;
  • install the clutch on the flywheel by three centering pins and screw bolts.