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RENAULT Car parts

Car parts for RENAULT

The French company Renault Group, which owns the brand Renault, is one of the leading manufacturers of motor vehicles worldwide. The company is engaged in production of cars, trucks, buses and construction equipment. Renault cars were six-time winners of the prestigious competition "European Car of the Year", got to the top three seven times and repeatedly showed the best results at the Euro NCAP crash tests.

Renault cars

The marque Renault owes its appearance to Louis Renault, the inventor that developed a gearbox and in 1898 installed it in the car De Dion-Bouton. Some time later, Louis founded the company Renault Frères and with his brothers took up the production of small batches of vehicles, in which he used his own inventions - a shaft drive and a turbocharger.

1905 was marked by the first test of the conveyor plant: the Renault brothers company, which had the leading position in the European car industry, took up the government order for the release of 250 taxis. The following year the company introduced its first bus.

The First World War forced the company to develop the production of aircraft engines and tanks. At the end of World War II the Renault company became a state property. Having quickly restored production, Renault presented its revolutionary hatchback model as early as 1965.

Today the auto giant Renault is the owner of Samsung Motors and Dacia, and supplies cars to the markets of almost two hundred countries around the world. Also, Renault owns shares of the Nissan. Under this brand cars are produced in various body types (estate cars, hatchbacks, saloons, multi-purpose vehicles and crossovers), commercial vehicles and racing cars.

Renault Advantages

  • low price;
  • nice design;
  • enhanced active and passive safety;
  • large volume of luggage compartment;
  • increased ground clearance;
  • convenient and reliable suspension;
  • effective brakes;
  • fuel efficiency.

With the innovative system Renault Start, a part of some models equipment, you can start the engine at a distance to warm up during the cold season. The system can be set up so that it warms up the engine a definite number of times per night.

The best parts for Renault

A distinctive feature of Renault models is the fuel efficiency, allowing the car brand to become favourite to millions of car owners. Due to the worldwide distribution, finding and buying spare parts for Renault is easy, but if you want to buy a quality product, we recommend to make use of our online shop services.

You do not even need to leave your house to buy spare parts for your Renault. The range and supplies of our products are being constantly updated, so even the best selling spare parts for popular cars of the Renault lineup are always available.

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