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Replace a Spare part Cylinder Head Gasket – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Cylinder Head Gasket

A cylinder head gasket seals the area of adjoining of the cylinder head to the cylinder block itself. The main purpose of this part is to pressurize combustion chambers, and channels through which cooling fluid goes. Moreover, it contributes to maintaining the proper pressure in the lubrication system.

3 tips on the cylinder head gasket operatio

  1. The component lifetime depends on many factors, such as, for example, specifics of vehicle use, that is why it is necessary to react on every alarming signs and perform the component diagnostics at their appearance.
  2. Remember that the gasket is a consumable component, and its replacement should be carried out at any engine-related works which require removal of the gasket.
  3. Check the oil level before every trip. If you notice a whitish impurity in it – this is a signal for gasket diagnostics necessity.

Defects of cylinder head gasket, their causes and signs

  1. Burning-out. Overheating of an engine, even a short one, may lead to this. The signs of this defect may be: an increased engine temperature because of oil ingress into cooling liquid, or appearance of emulsion in oil due to ingress of antifreeze in the lubrication system. Also burning-out of the gasket is accompanied by white coloration of exhaust gas.
  2. Tearing of outer layer. Overheating, too high compression, or poor quality of the component itself often cause tearing. It may be noticed by appearance of oil stains around the sealing element.
  3. Deformation. It may be caused by improper installation of the component, for example, violation of order of tightening of cylinder head bolts, or tightening them without a torque wrench. Usually, this defect is accompanied by the same signs as burning-out.

You can always buy cylinder head gasket for your car in online-shop. The competent support service will advise you and help to select a required car part.

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