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Cooling system failures

  • Pump breakdown;
  • Incorrect radiator operation;
  • Absence of cooling liquid flow;
  • Thermostat breakdown;
  • Physical system damages (cracks and leakage);
  • Incorrect temperature sensor value.

Signs of cooling system failure

  • Engine overheating or overcooling;
  • Leaks of coolant on engine;
  • Extreme loss of engine power at high speed.

Causes of cooling system failures

  • Violation of engine exploitation standards;
  • Low level of coolant;
  • Leakage or pump drive damage;
  • Radiator clogging;
  • Hoses damage;
  • Using low quality coolant;
  • Cracks in radiator and cooling jacket;
  • Air filters clogging.


It is very simple to estimate cooling system performance. Engine overheating during long operation is the main symptom of there being failures. They will be confirmed by indication on dashboard as well as evident loss of engine performance at high speed. You also need to check the radiator and surrounding parts for fractions and external leaks. You can detect an internal leak by drawing out the oil gage. It will have marks of oil-water mixture (white foam). It is important to run diagnostics of the system every year.

Repair and replacement of cooling system

On your own you can change cooling liquid and air filters without any problems. However, repair of other cooling system components is problematic. It is not necessary to replace radiator even if it is damaged, cleaning and welding it in break spots is enough. But the thermostat failing to operate is to be replaced, it’s unrepairable.

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