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Brakes failures

  • Excessive braking path;
  • Low braking efficiency;
  • Incorrect brake pedal operation;
  • Piston seizure in cylinders;
  • Clogging or fouling of pistons and pipes;
  • Partial release of brake on all or some of the wheels;
  • Partial braking or grabbing of wheels when the pedal is released.

Signs of brakes failure

  • Too easy or too hard brake pedal motion;
  • Squealing or grinding noises during braking;
  • Pulsation of the brake pedal during braking;
  • Poor braking action;
  • Pulling to one side, non-simultaneous braking;
  • Vehicle skidding while braking.

Causes of brake failure

  • Brake-fluid leakage;
  • Using low quality parts or components;
  • Excessive wear or damage of parts;
  • System overheating;
  • Dynamic or sporting driving;
  • Loss of pressure in brake circuit;
  • Excess air in the system.


You can run a cursory inspection of the brake system on your own. First check the level of brake fluid. Stains around wheels at idle indicate brake pipes and hoses leakage. Besides, pedal effort with running engine should be less than with shut down one. Skid marks at hard stop should be even. In addition, rear marks should be shorter than front ones. Brake pads should be no less than 3 mm thick. Please also remember, that severe pedal effort should not totally block your wheels. If you have any signs of troubles you should get your car to a service shop for more detailed inspection.

Brakes repair and replacement

All brake system repair works are recommended to be carried out at service shops, because the quality of repair affects safety of driving. On your own you can only change or add brake fluid, release the air or tighten fastening bolts. Brake fluid should be changed every year or every 30 000 – 40 000 kms of driving. If a mechanical damage occurs or brake hoses leakage, we recommend to immediately replace parts or units and clean the whole system. It is strictly prohibited to repair brake system with improvised means and to use substandard materials or parts.

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