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Physical and chemical properties

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Motor oil is a technical liquid in the car engine lubricating system. It lowers friction of power unit parts, due to which its lifetime limit increases, operation efficiency improves and fuel consumption is reduced. It promotes cooling of engine components, cleans them from dirt and carbon deposit, protects against corrosion.

Engine oils classification

  1. SAE. It is based on viscosity characteristics of oils at different temperatures. It is developed by the community of motor transport engineers SAE International. Due to this classification, all lubrication materials can be divided into winter, summer and all-season ones.
  2. API. According to the classification of American Petroleum Institute, all lubrication materials can be divided into the following groups: S – for petrol power units, C and F – for diesel ones. According to engine features, each of them is divided into service categories also marked with letters. Products of SN, CK-4 and FA-4 service categories comply with the latest requirements.
  3. ACEA. European Automobile Manufacturers Association distinguish 3 categories of lubricants according to operation characteristics:
    1. А/В. For diesel and petrol engines of different configurations.
    2. C. For new power units with catalysts or particulate filters.
    3. E. For diesel engines of cargo vehicles and special vehicles.

Types of motor oils according to composition

In classifying basic oils for power units, American Petroleum Institute takes into account not only their composition but also manufacturing technique, thus dividing all products into 5 groups:

  1. Products made by petroleum distillation without additional treatment.
  2. Petroleum distillates which underwent additional refinery.
  3. Petroleum distillates made by the method of structured refinery with preliminary multiple hydrocracking using hydrogen.
  4. Short-chain polyalphaolefins made by chemical synthesis.
  5. Chemically synthesized polyether-based products.

More common classification involves division of all products according to composition into 3 groups:

  1. Mineral. They include lubricants based on I and II groups according to API. They are inexpensive and fit engines with high mileage well.
  2. Semi-synthetic. Their composition includes no less than 25% of III, IV or V group oils. They are more effective than mineral ones, and cheaper than synthetic.
  3. Synthetic. Their composition includes no less than 30% of III, IV or V group products. They have an extended replacement interval and dissolve additives well.

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Note: replacement of oil should be performed at a service station.

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