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Engine failures

  • Ignition failure;
  • Unexpected engine stalling;
  • Engine detonation;
  • Engine hunting at high speed;
  • Loss of power.

Signs of engine failure

  • Engine vibration at high speed;
  • Knocking and rattling sounds at engine start and during performance;
  • System overheating;
  • Excessive or low oil and fuel pressure;
  • Excessive oil and fuel consumption;
  • Engine stalling at idle;
  • “Check Engine” light is on at dashboard.

Causes of engine failure

  • Using fuel with low octane rating;
  • Using low quality lubricants and parts;
  • Ignoring service life limit, recommendations and requirements given by the parts manufacturer;
  • Pistons and cylinders wear and tear;
  • Crankshaft unfastening;
  • Fouling of seals and filler blocks;
  • Low amount of liquid in cooling system;
  • Radiator and pump damage.


Full analysis of engine performance can be a trouble without special devices.  Objective evaluation of all engine systems performance is possible only with the help of computer diagnosis and special equipment: a scanner, an endoscope, a stroboscope and flue-gas analyzers. Diagnostics specifies failures in operation of ignition and steering systems, starter, generator, fuel supply system and cooling system. However, with the help of casual inspection it is possible to estimate temperature, radiator and pump operation, condition of filters, seals and chokes, and see fractions or other physical damages as well. Computer diagnosis of engine is recommended every 80 000 – 100 000 kilometers of driving even if it does not have any physical signs of failure.

Engine repair and replacement

Repair complexity depends on thenature of failure. You can change oil or filters yourself. You can repair radiator leak or pump damage too. But piston or cylinder replacement needs specialists’ involvement as complete system disassembly requires detailed knowledge of engine mechanics. Estimate the complexity of the task and your abilities. Engine replacement is performed only in a service center because it needs special lifting equipment.

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