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Exhaust system failures

  • Exhaust gases are not completely removed;
  • Mechanical damage due to clashing or rusting;
  • Tear wear of the system components;
  • Corrosion and exceeding life limit of system components;
  • Burn-off of the working items;
  • Clogging of Catalyst, resonator or muffler.

Signs of exhaust system failure

  • Too loud engine working sound;
  • Exhaust gases or hydrogen sulfide smell in the cabin;
  • Peculiar metallic scratching noise from underbody in operation;
  • Unusual shooting sounds in exhaust system;
  • Loss of engine power and its overheating.

Causes of exhaust system failure

  • Using fuel with low octane rating
  • Using fuel with metal or other heavy elements impurities (i.e. lead or ferrocene)
  • Using unsuitable or low quality components
  • Oil burning in the exhaust system
  • Continuous exposure to moisture, dirt or harsh chemicals
  • Frequent operation in severe weather conditions (too high or too low temperature or high humidity)


First, you need to evaluate the sound of the motor and exhaust system. The sound should be steady, of moderate volume and without apparent additional sounds (knocking, squeak, whistle or shots). Then you should carry out an inspection. Corrosion and mechanical damage are the most common causes of the exhaust system faults. If visual and sound system analysis has revealed no damage, a complete computer diagnosis is required in the service shop.

Exhaust system repair and replacement

Exhaust system repair is labor intensive. Nevertheless, you can perform them on your own. Partial replacement of the failed element is performed using the welding machine. Spoiled portion is cut out and a new one is welded in its place. When working with the exhaust system, be careful, because the catalytic converter contains hazardous substances. Furthermore, the catalyst is the only element of the system, which has a clearly defined lifespan. It must necessarily be replaced after 120 000-150 000 kilometers.

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