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Replace a Spare part Engine Thermostat (Coolant Thermostat) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Engine Thermostat (Coolant Thermostat)

Thermostat is a device that is used in liquid cooling systems in all existing automotive engines. Thermostat is located between the radiator and the car engine. It serves to maintain the necessary stable operating temperature of the engine. So, what is the principle of thermostat operation? Until the engine is working properly, the thermostat blocks the flow of coolant to the radiator. If the engine is heated to a temperature of 95 degrees, the thermostat opens and coolant enters the radiator and engine. The best temperature rate of the car engine is achieved due to cold and warm liquid blending. This is the principle how this device allows the engine to warm up as quickly as possible to operating temperature, reducing wear and tear and emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

Thermostats are made of plastic, copper and brass. The main component of the thermostat is wax. Under the influence of temperature it starts quickly to melt. When transforming from solid to liquid, the wax is dissolved under pressure and pushes the pin, which opens the valve, letting the flow of coolant to get from the thermostat to the car engine. Thermostat is an important part of any vehicle. Faulty thermostat can stop you half way, because in this condition it will not be able to let coolant through the radiator and the engine will overheat.

Corrosion is one of the reasons of the thermostat failure. Typically, thermostat wears out every two years. If you have any problems with the thermostat, you need urgently to replace this important car part. Our online shop offers you profitable and moderate prices for thermostat and many other car parts, like brake cylinder, rear silencer and fuel filter.

Engine Thermostat (Coolant Thermostat) for AUDI A4 (8D2, B5), MERCEDES-BENZ VITO / MIXTO Box (W639), PORSCHE 911 (996)

Faulty thermostat
  • jamming of thermostat valve;
  • violation of the system integrity;
  • partial opening of the thermostat valve;
  • delayed opening of the thermostat valve;
  • wear, damage or destruction of the thermal sensitive element;
  • incorrect functioning of the part;
  • wear or damage to the seal.
Symptoms of faulty thermostat
  • overheating or insufficient heating of the engine;
  • increased fuel consumption;
  • loss of the vehicle power;
  • indicator «Check Engine» reading.
Causes of faulty thermostat
  • excessive vibration loads;
  • unstable operation of the engine;
  • pin oscillation;
  • insufficient coolant level in the system;
  • ingress of engine oil to the thermostat;
  • failure of the cooling fan;
  • overpressure in the system;
  • contamination of the system.

Checking the correct operation of the thermostat is easy. First you need to warm up the engine. Then you need to measure the temperature of the hose that connects the thermostat to the radiator. The hose must be cold.

Normal opening temperature of the thermostat is 84-90 °C. The thermostat lower pipe operating temperature shall be the same. But to check it out on their own is very troublesome, so the analysis of the element is better to carry out at a service shop.

Evaluation of the thermostat performance must always be done at every routine diagnosis of the engine cooling system. The thermostat service life is about 100,000 kilometers. Nevertheless, it must be checked every year regardless of the mileage.

Replacement of the thermostat

Thermostat is one of the elements that can not be repaired if it becomes faulty. Replacing the thermostat does not require special tools, but it is essential to ensure its proper connection and installation, as well as to check the temperature of its opening.

When replacing the part, you need to drain the coolant and then loosen the clamps of the outlet and inlet radiator hoses. Then you need to disconnect the hose that connects the thermostat to the inlet. The cost of thermostat replacement is quite affordable, so it is strongly recommended to replace the item at the first signs of malfunction.

Engine Thermostat (Coolant Thermostat) replacement - instructions, descriptions and repair

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