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Replace a Spare part Catalytic converter – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Catalytic converter

Faults of the catalyst
  • mechanical damage to the catalyst shell;
  • damage or destruction of converter cells;
  • destruction of the system chemical catalyst.
Symptoms of the catalytic converter failure
  • engine shut off when idling;
  • hindered start of the engine;
  • light blue or blue-gray color of the exhaust gas;
  • deterioration of acceleration and the engine on-speed;
  • presence of strange noise in the exhaust system;
  • «Check Engine» indicator reading on the instrument panel;
  • a significant increase in fuel consumption (up to 1.5-2 l/100 km);
  • odor of hydrogen sulfide in the exhaust system;
  • appearance of the metal stains on the catalyst case.
Causes of catalyst faults
  • use of ethanol-blended fuel;
  • use of low-quality fuel;
  • failure of the combustible mixture formation and change of its optimal proportions;
  • unburned fuel or oil getting in the catalyst;
  • converter internal cells damage;
  • catalyst clogging with fuel combustion products;
  • a significant excess of the part service life;
  • improper use.

Inspection of the catalyst can be performed only at service stations, because the system analysis requires special equipment and specific skills. Independently, you can only assess the structural condition of the part. If it has mechanical damages, even in the absence of fault signs you will soon need replacement of the catalyst.

Cell throughput is measured via pressure gauge connected instead of the first oxygen sensor. After this procedure you need to accelerate the engine to 3000 rpm. Normal system pressure should not be higher than the level of 0.3 kgf / cm2 or 2.94 Pa.

The service life of the catalytic converter is designed for 100 000-150 000 kilometers. Exceeding it is strongly not recommended, because the decrease in capacity of the catalyst cells and resulting increased pressure in the system may cause an engine failure.

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