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Rear and front brake discs for my car

Buy rear and front, front and rear, vented and drilled, slotted and vented Brake rotors for your car - Top quality for a top price

Brake discs for other makes of cars

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Brake discs for cars

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Replace a Spare part Brake discs – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Brake discs

Malfunctions of brake discs
  • wear on the surface;
  • deformation of the disc;
  • protrusions;
  • the occurrence of microcracks;
  • uneven thickness of the circumference;
  • the destruction of the part.
Symptoms of brake discs failure
  • change of the vehicle path during braking;
  • enhanced vibration or incorrect operation of the brake pedal when you press it;
  • presence of abnormal sounds during braking;
  • increase of the braking distance.
Causes of the brake discs malfunctions
  • constant exposure of elements with water;
  • critical wear;
  • brake shoes with pads of low quality;
  • mechanical damage;
  • sporty driving style.

It is recommended to diagnose the brake disc condition using a special measuring tool - a vernier caliper. The difference in the thickness of a new and a worn disc in most cases is about 1-3 mm. In turn, the maximum run-out is just a few hundredths of a millimeter. The measurement should be done in the work area. The run-out is determined by using a special device with an indicator that captures values even 0.01 mm.

Repair and replacement of brake discs

The requirements of the majority of car manufacturers indicate: brake discs are only to be replaced, not repaired. However, there is equipment that will eliminate some of the defects. Minor surface deformations of the part can be eliminated by grooving. This will shorten the process of lapping the new pads and increase the efficiency of the brake system. In the grooving into minimum material layer is withdrawn on both sides of the disc. In the case of run-out this item must be replaced. Please note that the repair or replacement of the brake disc is more efficiently and reliably performed by professionals.

Helpful tips on operation, causes of faults, troubleshooting, and service intervals

Brake discs replacement - instructions, descriptions and repair

Brake rotors finder for

FAQ: Frequently asked questions
How do I tell that my brake discs need to be changed?

The main indicator of the operational condition is the thickness. This parameter shouldn’t be below the value prescribed by the car manufacturer. Usually, the minimum allowable thickness is specified on the face of the part. The components are to be replaced as soon as their wear degree gets close to the critical value. Moreover, the reasons for immediate replacement are warpage, cracking, chips, and cavities. New parts should be installed in pairs on an axle.

How do I know the minimum thickness of brake discs?

This parameter differs depending on the disc type and manufacturer. It is specified on the parts themselves, as well as in the vehicle’s service documentation. Some components feature special marks for estimating the wear without any special tools. However, using a vernier caliper or a micrometer is the most reliable method. Measurements should be taken in a few places, as wear can be uneven.

Which brand of brake discs is the best for my car?

When choosing the parts, consider your driving style and operating conditions of your vehicle, not only their price.

  • Products of ATE, Zimmermann, Bosch, Textar, Brembo, and TRW brands belong to the premium category. These manufacturers use expensive materials and actively implement the latest technologies. These components are capable of withstanding extreme loads and are suitable for high-speed driving.
  • Components made by A.B.S., Metzger, VAICO, Ferodo, and Delphi Technologies belong to the mid-price segment. They are designed for above-average loads and are appreciated by fans of dynamic driving style.
  • Parts produced by ABE, Japanparts, Febi, Icer, and Ridex belong to the budget segment. Nonetheless, they completely satisfy the needs of drivers who prefer calm urban driving.
Can I replace brake discs myself?

The replacement procedure is not complicated if you have a lifting mechanism and appropriate tools. Before getting down to work, read the car’s user and service manual carefully. Take into account that you’ll need to remove the wheels and brake calipers. If you lack the experience, it is better to visit a garage.

Should the front and rear brake discs be replaced together?

The parts installed on the front axle are exposed to higher stress during operation. That is why they wear faster than the rear ones and require more frequent replacement. The components should be changed in pairs on each axle. In this case, brake pads are replaced also, even if they are not worn.

Can performance brake discs be used for urban driving?

Perforated and slotted components can be used in urban conditions:

  • If you prefer a sporty driving style. Frequent braking leads to overheating of the brake discs. And thanks to the slots and holes in them, heat is dissipated effectively, thus increasing the performance of the system as a whole. Moreover, installation of performance components in this case has a positive effect on the lifespan of the brake pads.
  • If you drive a large SUV or a pickup. The heavier your car is, the more energy it takes to stop it. This can cause the standard parts to overheat and warp. Perforated ones cope with this stress easier.
  • If you want to add a more sporty and modern look to your vehicle. Perforated components perfectly match alloy wheel rims and highlight the dynamic character of your car.