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Replace a Spare part Brake Discs (Brake Rotors) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Brake Discs (Brake Rotors)

Brake discs play an important role in maintaining your vehicle in a good condition. They serve to slow down the wheels attached to the disk. When pressing the disc, brake shoes slow it like a bicycle brake. Under normal braking this method allows soft braking and a strong and sturdy when emergency braking. Thus it ensures the stability of the vehicle during braking.

Meanwhile, they are the most wearing parts and are subject to frequent change in production cars (and even more often replacement in sports cars). There are ceramic brake pads. They almost do not wear because of heat and friction. But they are very expensive and are mostly designed for racing cars. If they wear out, it is necessary to replace them. To maintain a good performance of braking, select the type of brake discs properly.

To do this, get the technical documentation of your car and write down the characteristics given by the carmaker. It is recommended to replace the brake shoes together with the disk in order to avoid rapid wear of shoes that will "eat them" and their service life will rapidly reduce.

To install the brake disc in your car, no matter what car brand it is (whether it is RENAULT ESPACE III (JE0_), OPEL INSIGNIA, OPEL ASTRA H Estate (L35), the principle remains the same), we recommend you to consult a specialist. You can do it by yourself, but this task is mostly intended for experts in the field of mechanics. We also advise you to buy necessary car parts from specialists.

Malfunctions of brake discs
  • wear on the surface;
  • deformation of the disc;
  • protrusions;
  • the occurrence of microcracks;
  • uneven thickness of the circumference;
  • the destruction of the part.
Symptoms of brake discs failure
  • change of the vehicle path during braking;
  • enhanced vibration or incorrect operation of the brake pedal when you press it;
  • presence of abnormal sounds during braking;
  • increase of the braking distance.
Causes of the brake discs malfunctions
  • constant exposure of elements with water;
  • critical wear;
  • brake shoes with pads of low quality;
  • mechanical damage;
  • sporty driving style.

It is recommended to diagnose the brake disc condition using a special measuring tool - a vernier caliper. The difference in the thickness of a new and a worn disc in most cases is about 1-3 mm. In turn, the maximum run-out is just a few hundredths of a millimeter. The measurement should be done in the work area. The run-out is determined by using a special device with an indicator that captures values even 0.01 mm.

Repair and replacement of brake discs

The requirements of the majority of car manufacturers indicate: brake discs are only to be replaced, not repaired. However, there is equipment that will eliminate some of the defects. Minor surface deformations of the part can be eliminated by grooving. This will shorten the process of lapping the new pads and increase the efficiency of the brake system. In the grooving into minimum material layer is withdrawn on both sides of the disc. In the case of run-out this item must be replaced. Please note that the repair or replacement of the brake disc is more efficiently and reliably performed by professionals.

Brake Discs (Brake Rotors) replacement - instructions, descriptions and repair

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