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  • Car Headlights from Body catalogue


  • Car Rear lights from Body catalogue

    Rear lights

  • Car Wing mirror from Body catalogue

    Wing mirror

  • Car Tailgate struts from Body catalogue

    Tailgate struts

  • Car Glass for wing mirror from Body catalogue

    Glass for wing mirror

  • Car Side indicators from Body catalogue

    Side indicators

  • Car Wing mirror covers from Body catalogue

    Wing mirror covers

  • Car Wheel arch liner from Body catalogue

    Wheel arch liner

  • Auto Fog lights cheap online

    Fog lights

  • Auto Radiator grille cheap online

    Radiator grille

  • Auto Bumper grill cheap online

    Bumper grill

  • Auto Bonnet struts cheap online

    Bonnet struts

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    Third brake light

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    Number plate light

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    Bumper brackets

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    Headlight lens

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  • Vehicle Bumper in original quality


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    Rear reflector

  • Auto Wing


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    Rocker panel

  • Auto Front spoiler

    Front spoiler

  • Auto Engine splash shield

    Engine splash shield

  • Auto Reverse light

    Reverse light

  • Auto Parking lights

    Parking lights

  • Auto Radiator support panel

    Radiator support panel

  • Auto Wheel arch

    Wheel arch

  • Auto Stop light

    Stop light

  • Auto Longeron


  • Auto Bumper trim

    Bumper trim

  • Auto Rotating beacon

    Rotating beacon

  • Auto Jacking point

    Jacking point

  • Auto Towbar electric kit

    Towbar electric kit

  • Auto Tank filler cap and parts

    Tank filler cap and parts

  • Auto Power drill / -accessories

    Power drill / -accessories

  • Auto Door light

    Door light

  • Auto Control unit, central locking system

    Control unit, central locking system

  • Auto Rear-end cowling

    Rear-end cowling

  • Auto Side indicator

    Side indicator

  • Auto Spotlight


  • Auto Holder, park assist sensor

    Holder, park assist sensor

  • Auto Fog light parts

    Fog light parts

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    Reverse light bulb

  • Auto Rearlight parts

    Rearlight parts

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    Xenon light

  • Auto Number plate light bulb

    Number plate light bulb

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    Cover, fog light

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    Floor panel

  • Auto Cover, towhook

    Cover, towhook

  • Auto Skid plate

    Skid plate

  • Auto Engine bay insulation

    Engine bay insulation

  • Auto Windscreen


  • Auto Rear window

    Rear window

  • Auto Side window

    Side window

  • Auto Radiator emblem

    Radiator emblem

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Car body defects

  • Mechanical damage (fractions, holes, deflection, marring and dents);
  • Corrosion;
  • Welded junction cracks;
  • Disruption of bolts or nuts;
  • Deformation of body components;
  • Side panels warp or side rails deflect during override;
  • Stiffeners and connectors of body panels wear out;
  • Antirust coat and paint damage;
  • Inability to close or lock doors, hood or trunk;
  • Malformed door opening.

Signs of body defects

  • Visible rust or mechanical defects;
  • Paint coating peeling and blistering;
  • Blocking of moving parts;
  • Flagging doors;
  • Water gets inside in the rain;
  • Change of original coating colour, light or dark spots.

Causes of body defects

  • Mechanical damage due to an accident or negligence of the driver;
  • Inadequate care of the body surface;
  • Extended exposure to sunlight, dirt and humidity;
  • Impact of aggressive chemicals: acids, alkalis, salts;
  • The car is washed by too hot water (above 80 Со);
  • Damage or wear of moving body parts;
  • lack of greasing of moving parts or using lubricants of low quality.


Assessment of the body condition can be done independently. It is enough to examine all surfaces and components of the body. Paint coating must be smooth and without visible damage. Metal of the body must be free from rust, especially its unpainted parts. The level of gap and the condition of the door seal can be measured using chalk. It is enough to apply it to one seal and close the door several times. Excessive gaps will not whiten. Side windows should rise smoothly and fit tightly against the seal, preventing the ingress of water from outside.

Body repair

Most minor damages to the body can be corrected on your own. Small scratches or damages of the paint are removed by polishing. When there is a gap between the body and the door, seal must be replaced. Visible dents and large damages of the coating can be eliminated on the service station by reshaping and subsequent repainting the damaged area or the entire body. Replacing the body is an irrelevant measure because its value can be up to half the cost of the car itself. In addition, the transfer of all components of the system is too problematic.