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Replace a Spare part Bumper Reinforcement (Bumper Beam) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Bumper Reinforcement (Bumper Beam)

Suspension of any vehicle fulfils a triple challenge: it must drive softly, accurately and safely. In other words, the suspension should provide reasonable comfort both to the driver and passengers, good controllability and active safety.

Being an intermediary between the road and the car body, suspension, should be light and provide high comfort to ensure maximum safety. Support bar is an important element of the vehicle suspension, responsible for protecting the car from the bending and impact loads. It carries a considerable weight of the car and protects other parts from damage. It is necessary to take into consideration that there are also roads that leave much to be desired and road users do not always follow the rules. This leads to accidents and support bars often fail. As the bar plays an important role in vehicle security, do not neglect its timely replacement in case of malfunction.

If you have a need to replace the support bar, do not waste time for shopping or garages. Visit our online shop. Here you will find a huge selection of support bars for any car brand, which meet the guaranteed quality for any car brand. And you will be pleasantly surprised by our prices and short delivery terms in any convenient location. In addition to the ball axis, in our online store you can buy car parts such as damper bearing, brake force regulator, ball-joint suspension and coolant hoses.

Bumper Reinforcement (Bumper Beam) for AUDI A3 (8L1), TOYOTA YARIS (SCP1_, NLP1_, NCP1_), PEUGEOT 308 (4A_, 4C_)

Faults of impact beams, supports
  • corrosion of the component;
  • cracks;
  • mechanical damage to the part;
  • bending of impact beam;
  • displacement of the structure.
Symptoms of impact beams, supports failure
  • increased body vibration during movement;
  • visual defects;
  • body creaking;
  • chirping sounds in the cabin.
Causes of impact beams, supports faults
  • physical impact (accident);
  • installation of nonconforming parts;
  • excessing cargo capacity of a sports car trunk;
  • moisture and dirt getting on the structure;
  • wear;
  • frequent changes in temperature.
Diagnosis of the impact beam, support

You can make a diagnosis of the auto part on your own, inspecting it. First, note whether there are gaps between the body parts, irregularities on its surface. A more thorough examination is recommended at a service station, where professionals, using special equipment, diagnose geometry of the body, identify subtle deformations or other malfunctions.

Replacement and repair of impact beams, supports

We recommend to make both repair and replacement of the part only at a service station. The impact beam is a component of the vehicle frame. Any work to dismantle it, get rid of the rust and corrosion should be carried out in a service shop.

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