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Replace a Spare part Hood (Bonnet) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Hood (Bonnet)

This is rather a big car part that relates to the vehicle body parts. Its main function is to protect the engine and other elements of the engine compartment from the impact of external factors. In addition to protection, the bonnet undertakes some other tasks. Due to it aerodynamic properties increase and the engine noise is absorbed. As regards to its design it is worth noting that usually the bonnet is connected with the car body by joints or concealed latch. But in racing cars the bonnet is held with the help of studs.

In most cases, there is a carmaker logo, air intake and washer jets on the bonnet. To enhance the isolation of engine noise, this part is covered with a special soundproofing material inside. Moreover, to protect the windshield a deflector is installed on the bonnet. Many car owners feel uncomfortable because the bonnet is heavy to open it. To resolve this problem, some bonnets are equipped with a pneumohydraulic telescopic pusher. Thus the bonnet is not only automatically opened, but also safely held in this position.

In recent years in developed countries such as Japan and the EU, were set standards for weight and rigidity of the bonnet. This was due to the fact that pedestrians sustained head injuries when hitting the car. The new rules led to the creation of new bonnets with inner panel and small conical sockets. Safe bonnet became one of the main ideas of the modern cars’ designers. One of the new developments is an aluminium mechanical energy absorber.

All innovations in the field of car parts you can find only in the Internet. We can ensure you that all necessary car parts – turn signal indicator or clutch plate, you will be able to order at an excellent price from your own PC and to get them in a few days.

Hood (Bonnet) for MERCEDES-BENZ E-CLASS (W212), FIAT 850, MERCEDES-BENZ SL Coupe (C107)

Faults of the engine hood
  • deformation of the bonnet;
  • damage to the reinforcement ribs;
  • faulty retainers of the hood, hinges, locks;
  • faulty hood strut;
  • cable fault;
  • corrosion.
Symptoms of the engine bonnet faults
  • violation of aerodynamics;
  • damage to paint coating;
  • inability to produce a tight closure of the hood;
  • problems with opening and closing;
  • spontaneous opening of the hood;
  • knocking and noise of the hood while driving.
Causes of the engine bonnet failure
  • active vehicle operation in extreme conditions;
  • mechanical damage;
  • incorrect installation;
  • getting in an accident;
  • incorrect mounting operation;
  • impact of moisture, chemicals and solutions.
Repair of the engine bonnet

For local repair of dents, blow traces it is necessary to clean up the affected area, get rid of paint, then restore the desired shape and prime all the irregularities. After this step it is necessary to apply anticorrosive composition, paint and polish the section.

In case of latches and hinges failure you need to replace them with new ones. For more complex repairs a welding machine and equipment for metal extraction is required. To repair the lock, the cable and the hood strut you need to adjust the lock actuator. At a significant wear of these parts you need a replacement.

Replacing the engine bonnet

You can replace the hood on your own, or by contacting a specialized center. For replacement you need to comply with the following sequence:

  • 1. Stop the car, open the hood and disconnect the negative terminal of the battery.
  • 2. With a detergent and a brush remove dirt and rust from the hinges.
  • 3. To remove the electronic lock it is necessary to remove the catch and disconnect the wires.
  • 4. Loosen the screws on the hinges and remove the old item.
  • 5. Apply primer and paint at the mounting spots.
  • 6. Before installing a new part you need to attach an electronic lock, and then attach the body holes to the hinge holes and bolt up.
  • 7. Connect the terminal to the battery.
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