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Replace a Spare part Wheel Arch Liner (Wheel Arch Cover) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Wheel Arch Liner (Wheel Arch Cover)

Wheel arch, forming an arch over the wheel, is a whole with shock absorber. Because of this when changing this part, first, you need to adjust the wheels. If you decided to replace the wheel arch in this matter the body repair table, where all the required dimensions are listed, will help you. Until recently, the main problem of all the wheel arches was corrosion, which appears because of the constant contact with water when it is bad weather. Moreover, wheel arch suffers a strong abrasive wear.

However, in modern cars wheel arch is processed with a special anti-corrosion solution at the plant. Therefore, there is no more need to process it with something else. This variant is ideal for car owners whose vehicles are operated continuously in bad weather conditions when the roads are processed with various chemical reagents. Often drivers glue plastic wheel arches with a damping material to reduce contact with numerous foreign objects.

In addition to the wear and tear, the wheel arch can be damaged when installing other auto parts, such as on-mirror temperature sensor. To install it you need to remove the wheel arch. Stripping of wheel mounts can also be a big trouble for car owners. If you hear a loud vibrating sound of the wheels, it means that the wheel arch or its part is rubbing against the wheel and is the cause of this sound.

Some car owners try to repair a faulty wheel arch. Bat a repaired car part will operate for a short period of time and will bring you back to the problem. It is cheaper and quickly to order a new spare car part online. Moreover, the prices in our online store for all car parts, including condenser, heat exchanger and slave cylinder are much lower than in garages or other specialty stores.

Wheel Arch Liner (Wheel Arch Cover) for VW TRANSPORTER IV Bus (70XB, 70XC, 7DB, 7DW), BMW 3 (E21), VW TRANSPORTER IV Bus (70XB, 70XC, 7DB, 7DW)

Faults of wheel arches
  • deformation of the part;
  • metal fatigue;
  • corrosion and oxidation of metals;
  • damage to lockers and their fasteners;
  • faulty side members;
  • mechanical damage (cracks or holes).
Symptoms of wheel arches faults
  • worn surface appearance of the wheel arch;
  • knocking underneath the vehicle while driving;
  • wheels knocking or creaking when cornering;
  • increased noise level of the wheels during driving.
Causes of wheel arches faults
  • long-term impact of moisture or chemical substances ingress;
  • improper lockers securing and fasteners looseness;
  • use of the wheel arches, which do not correspond to the specific vehicle model;
  • accidents and strikes by hard objects while driving;
  • improper installation and fastening of the wheel;
  • lack of timely cleaning and care of the wheel arches.

To check the wheel arches condition you must remove the wheel and inspect it. In the presence of corrosion or evident damage traces, it is necessary to carry out repair works.

For the analysis of the wheel arch inside it needs dismantling. It is necessary to disconnect the wheel arch from the side member and remove the body mountings.

The wheel arches service life is unlimited. With proper care, they can efficiently serve throughout the vehicle life.

Repair and replacement of the wheel arches

Repairs of the wheel arches can be divided into 2 groups: the enforcement of structures and elimination of defects.

For the wheel arches to serve as long as possible, you need to cover the parts surface with anticorrosion and antigravel protection. You can also weld reinforcement plates and lockers if you notice minor damages.

When replacing the wheels, which exceed the standard size, you need to install special wheel arch extenders. With their help, the wheel will get a sufficient angle of rotation without contact with the wheel arch surface.

Small holes and cracks can be patched using a welding metal patches and special adhesives.

If the working wheel arches do not suppress the noise, They should be treated with bitumen and noise insulation materials. Processing is multi-layered, so it can only be performed at service stations.

Replacing the wheel arches is carried out only in case of serious mechanical damage that result from an accident. Also, they need to be changed at a high degree of corrosion processes that occur during long-term car standing outside.

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