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Replace a Spare part Tailgate Struts – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Tailgate Struts

The baggage compartment is a section in the body or in the passenger compartment of a car or bus. It serves for baggage placing and transportation. It is present in all types of bodies of cars except pickup and van. In the vehicles with such body as wagon, hatchback and minivan the boot is not separated from the cabin and is accessed through a special door. The volume of cargo in vehicles with such body can vary. This increases the functionality of the luggage compartment.

As for the body type as sedan, limousine, coupe or roadster, there the boot is separated from the passenger compartment. The appearance of the baggage compartment belongs to the early 20th century when the cars became a means of travelling. Horse-drawn carriage schemes of baggage transportation, in which the luggage was fastened with ropes or straps outside from behind or on the roof, were used as a basis for boot designing.

In the late 30s of the last century a prototype of today's boot for limousine, sedan and coupe bodies and removable boots located on the roof of the car was invented. Today the boot is designed to protect the load from impacts, shock or moisture inside the boot and not to have any emptiness. Boot is an important part of any vehicle. When planning a long journey, do not forget about the roof top carrier. In addition to the roof top carrier capacity and reliability car owners are pleased with its design - these boots will fit design of any car.

If your boot was damaged in the result of an accident and needs replacing, do not purchase a new one in specialty stores as the high cost of the goods will disappoint you. If you decide to buy the boot, headlamp or sidewall in the online shop, you will get the best price and on-time delivery.

Tailgate Struts for SKODA FABIA (6Y2), PORSCHE CAYENNE (955), SKODA OCTAVIA (1U2)

Trunk lid gas shock absorber is a mechanism that provides smooth lifting and lowering of the lid, as well as its keeping in the opened position without using additional supports.

Main characteristics

4 operation tips

  1. Manufacturers do not specify the exact operational lifetime for the component, as it mostly depends on its operation intensity. Replace the part if necessary.
  2. Try to avoid sharp movements during manipulations with the trunk lid, especially during the cold season.
  3. Protect the part from hits and do not disassemble it: there is pressurized gas inside of it.
  4. Remember, that it is necessary to replace the components on both sides of the trunk. During this it is important to follow the mounting position, recommended by the manufacturer.

Defects of the trunk lid gas shock absorbers, their causes and signs

  • Loss of shock absorber cylinder gas pressure. This defect is a common result of seal wear-out. In this situation, the shock absorber doesn’t maintain the trunk lid in the opened position.
  • Deformation of the cylinder or rod. These defects, as a rule, occur as a result of a road accident, or due to other b mechanical impact, leading to inability of the component to perform its functions.
  • Rod jamming. It can be the result of soiling of the part inner elements, caused, for instance, by regular rides on dusty roads. It becomes impossible to open or close the trunk lid at this defect.
  • Loosening or breakage of the fasteners. This defect usually happens due to excessively high tightening torque or, on the contrary, loosening of the fastening bolts. It results in unprompted demounting of the parts.

You can inexpensively buy a trunk lid gas shock absorber in online-shop, as well as any other spare part, required for your car.

Tailgate Struts replacement - instructions, descriptions and repair

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