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Replace a Spare part Gas Struts (Tailgate Struts) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Gas Struts (Tailgate Struts)

The baggage compartment is a section in the body or in the passenger compartment of a car or bus. It serves for baggage placing and transportation. It is present in all types of bodies of cars except pickup and van. In the vehicles with such body as wagon, hatchback and minivan the boot is not separated from the cabin and is accessed through a special door. The volume of cargo in vehicles with such body can vary. This increases the functionality of the luggage compartment.

As for the body type as sedan, limousine, coupe or roadster, there the boot is separated from the passenger compartment. The appearance of the baggage compartment belongs to the early 20th century when the cars became a means of travelling. Horse-drawn carriage schemes of baggage transportation, in which the luggage was fastened with ropes or straps outside from behind or on the roof, were used as a basis for boot designing.

In the late 30s of the last century a prototype of today's boot for limousine, sedan and coupe bodies and removable boots located on the roof of the car was invented. Today the boot is designed to protect the load from impacts, shock or moisture inside the boot and not to have any emptiness. Boot is an important part of any vehicle. When planning a long journey, do not forget about the roof top carrier. In addition to the roof top carrier capacity and reliability car owners are pleased with its design - these boots will fit design of any car.

If your boot was damaged in the result of an accident and needs replacing, do not purchase a new one in specialty stores as the high cost of the goods will disappoint you. If you decide to buy the boot, headlamp or sidewall in the online shop, you will get the best price and on-time delivery.

Gas Struts (Tailgate Struts) for SKODA OCTAVIA (1U2), VW TOURAN (1T1, 1T2), RENAULT CLIO II (BB0/1/2_, CB0/1/2_)

Faults of trunk
  • the remote trunk opening system does not work;
  • jamming or hindered opening of the trunk lock;
  • faulty trunk latch;
  • faulty opening button;
  • deformation of the trunk cavity;
  • faulty automatic trunk opening drive;
  • wear or damage to the trimming;
  • damage to the paint.
Symptoms of trunk faults
  • creak when you open the trunk;
  • displacement of the trunk lid;
  • no remote control signal;
  • obvious mechanical damage to the inner and outer parts of the trunk.
Causes of trunk faults
  • shocks due to an accident;
  • incorrect placement of objects in the trunk, and their subsequent fall;
  • getting gasoline or chemically active substances on the paint;
  • deterioration of inner trunk lining;
  • sticky or similar in structure substances getting on the trunk panelling;
  • dirt in the lock;
  • failure of the remote control;
  • low battery power of the remote control;
  • worn or loose lid fasteners.

To determine the faults of the trunk and its lid, you need to inspect all surfaces of the part. For a more complete review you need to remove the lining.

Next, check the state of the trunk lid lock and button. They must open without significant effort.

If you have the automatic trunk opening system, separately check the system drive and motor.

The trunk does not have a clearly defined service life. His durability should be enough for the whole period of the vehicle operation.

Repair and replacement of trunk

For minor injuries of the trunk you can carry out its flattening. Reconstruction is held depending on the product material (steel, aluminum or polymers).

When the lock is jammed, you need special tools to open the trunk. After that, you need to replace the latch and the lock in order to avoid recurrence of such a situation.

Replacing the trunk is carried out very rarely. First, the new part’s installation is time consuming. Second, almost all the damage can be repaired by welding. Only severe accidents with the destruction of the rear can cause replacement of the trunk.

Gas Struts (Tailgate Struts) replacement - instructions, descriptions and repair

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