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Replace a Spare part Towbar – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Towbar

Malfunctions of towing equipment

  • metal corrosion
  • loosening or failure of the fasteners
  • mechanical damage to the part, including fracture
  • sticking of sand and dust to a hitch ball
  • abrasion of the part working surface

Signs of towing equipment malfunctions

  • appearance of uncharacteristic knocking in the tow bar
  • excessive clearance in the towing hitch lock
  • scratches, cracks and other defects on the working surface

Causes of towing equipment malfunctions

  • incorrect installation of a tow bar
  • low quality of the part or its mismatch with the vehicle model
  • exceeding of the part load capacity
  • high humidity impact
  • driving with a trailer on bumpy roads
  • usage of a trailer with defective suspension    

Diagnostics of towing equipment

Start diagnostics with a visual examination of the part: there should be no rust or mechanical damages on the working surface. Then check if tow bar mounts are tightened well enough. For more detailed diagnostics, particularly for uncovering interference in the locking mechanism, it is recommended to refer to a service station.

Repair and replacement of towing equipment

Tow bar malfunctions can lead to cargo loss and become a reason for an accident. That is why it is recommended to make a replacement if there are tow bar damages. It should be noted that, depending on malfunctions, The entire kit with beams and side brackets can be replaced as well as its individual components. For a complete tow bar replacement you will need:

  • Unfasten beams and tow bar side brackets from the car body sidemember, and then dissemble the old part.
  • Treat clamping holes with antirust compound.
  • Mount a new tow bar.
  • Do wiring assembly if relevant.
  • Apply lubricant to the hitchball and cover it with protective seal.

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