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Rear and front fog lights for my car

Buy rear and front, LED and Xenon, front and rear Fog lamps for your car - Top quality for a top price

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Replace a Spare part Fog lights – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Fog lights

Faults of fog lamps
  • mechanical damage to the lights;
  • wiring fault;
  • failure of the relay;
  • open circuit or contact closure;
  • the power button breakage.
Symptoms of fog lamps failure
  • a complete absence of the lights response;
  • the lack of response of the luminous elements;
  • stcking of the power button;
  • fog lamps errors.
Causes of fog lamps faults
  • incorrect connection of lights;
  • use of inappropriate accessories;
  • use of low-quality components and wiring;
  • contact oxidation;
  • blown fuse;
  • failure of the fog light lamp;
  • loose or damaged fasteners.

First, you need to evaluate the external factors of fog lights work. If only one light does not turn on, in most cases it is a sign of the lamp malfunction.

You also need to check the fuse among the first. Its location depends on the method of the lights installation. In most cases, it is put to the fuse panel, but sometimes is set directly on the wiring.

When you press the power button there should appear a dry click - a sign of the relay serviceability. If there is no click, check more thoroughly the relay.

Diagnosis of an individual light work is performed using a known good 12 W bulb or a similar light. If it lights up when you connect, the light needs to be changed.

You should also check the order of the fog lights operation. If they work after the ignition is turned off, they are initially connected improperly.

The fog lights do not have specifics of operation and diagnosis, a deep system check is carried out only in the case of a malfunction.

Repair and replacement of fog lights

If the fog lights system malfunctions, defective components are replaced. Most often, these are wiring and relays. At each inspection contacts are cleaned from oxides and rust. When the circuit is broken, all the wiring is changed, because it has a fairly low cost. If the power button is faulty, you need to remove the control panel and connect a new button. Connection and replacement of the fog lights is recommended at a service station.

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FAQ: Frequently asked questions
How can I install fog lights?

Before starting work, make sure you have:

  • pliers or side cutters;
  • a roll of electrical tape;
  • electric wires;
  • connectors and terminals;
  • a relay;
  • a 15A fuse;
  • a light switch button.

Consult the car manufacturer’s instructions for the installation steps. Usually the procedure involves connecting the lights through a four-pin relay installed under the hood. The relay pins are connected as follows:

  • the first one - to the negative battery terminal or to the chassis through a terminal;
  • the second - through the fuse to the positive battery terminal;
  • the third pin is designed for the control wire which must be connected in such a way that the lights work when the side lights are on;
  • the fourth one - to the positive terminal of the lights themselves.

Decide where the switch button should be fitted on the dashboard and mount it into the electric circuit.

How do I install a new bulb into the front fog light?

The vehicle owner’s manual will give details on how to carry out this procedure. Generally, it consists of the following steps:

  1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal.
  2. Raise the car.
  3. Steer the wheels or remove the corresponding wheel in order to reach the component.
  4. For the sake of convenience, unscrew the fasteners securing the bumper and remove it.
  5. Unscrew and remove the fasteners securing the wheel arch cover and engine splash guard.
  6. If necessary, remove the trim and outer mountings of the light.
  7. Pull out the socket with the bulb.
  8. Twist and carefully remove the bulb.
  9. Install the new component without touching the glass with your bare hands.
  10. Follow these steps in reverse to reassemble the unit.
Can I install xenon bulbs into fog lamps myself?

In many countries it is illegal to use gas-discharge lights instead of halogen bulbs.

These are also a few reasons why this retrofitting is not recommended:

  1. Any xenon lights require a levelling system and a headlight washer, which fog lights do not have.
  2. If a xenon bulb is installed into the halogen lamp housing, the reflector will not work correctly. Incorrectly focused light beams can dazzle oncoming traffic and cause an accident.
  3. The high operating temperature of gas-discharge bulbs can damage the plastic fog light housing.

If the car is not used on public roads, you can install, as the fog ones, xenon lights that were originally designed to be used with xenon bulbs. Only a qualified professional, however, is permitted to mount and adjust them.