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An integral part of car protection, as well as of many other vehicles, including aircraft, motorbikes and bicycles, is the fender. The primary function is protection; also it is important for the car appearance. Protection from dust, rocks, dirt - that's the main idea of the car fender makers. The name of the automotive fender comes from the times of the crew and for nearly three centuries it remains the same, except its technical characteristics.

However, today there are clear requirements to fender production that may vary depending on the country-maker. First of all, this concerns the fender placement relative to the axis of the vehicle and its weight. As a rule car fender is mounted in three different places. It is necessary to keep in mind when assembling the parts.

In majority of cases fender is damaged in the result of an accident or because of years of operation. It is reasonable to order a new fender when replacing it instead of repairing the older one. It doesn’t matter what is the reason for the fender replacement – visible dents or scratches, or repair - you can always order a new fender at a very affordable price online.

Whether it is a fender for Audi, BMW, Fiat, or other car parts such as timing belts, Park Distance Control or windshield, our store offers you very competitive prices. You will pleasantly surprised by our shipping terms and prices.

Wing for SUZUKI SJ 413, AUDI A5 (8T3), VW GOLF III Cabriolet (1E7)

Faults of fenders
  • dents on the surface;
  • change of the item original color;
  • corrosion and metal oxidation;
  • peeling paint
Causes of fenders faults
  • mechanical damage in an accident or a car wash;
  • long-term impact of direct sunlight;
  • critical temperature changes;
  • chemically active materials getting on the fender surface.

The easiest way to determine if there is a dent on the car fenders is to take a stencil painted with stripes of equal size (preferably black and yellow). It is necessary to hold it near the part, looking at it like in a mirror. Any dents, even unnoticeable to the naked eye will distort the stripes in the image.

Particular attention during the fenders inspection should be paid to the part edges. If you have chips on the paint, you should apply special anti-rust coating to the metal or paint the part. There are no special requirements for the frequency of the diagnosis, but it is necessary to run a visual examination of the body and its component parts every few months.

Repair and replacement of fenders

Repair work sequence and peculiarities are directly dependent on the kind and extent of the part damage. Small dents can be fixed without removing the part. and the original part shape is restored with an extension bar and a jack.

In case of more serious damages the part must be removed for repair. Flattening must be made on special straightening machine. Correction of major dents is carried out from the edges to the center of irregularities. After straightening the item must be primed and repainted.

The paint selection process is performed using computer diagnosis. Painting a small part area is possible, but it is very difficult to achieve undetectable color transition. In most cases, the straightened fender is completely repainted. It is important not to skimp on the coating and use the original brand of paint to avoid paint discoloration or fading.

In case of a serious damage and extensive corrosion the part must be replaced.

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