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Replace a Spare part Bonnet Struts (Hood Struts) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Bonnet Struts (Hood Struts)

A bonnet strut is a device which smoothly raises the bonnet, reliably holds it in the upper position and absorbs vibrations when the bonnet lid reaches its full-up or full-down position.

5 tips for bonnet strut operation

  1. Opt for gas bonnet struts when selecting the components, because they are able to withstand heavier loads and operate more effectively in severe weather conditions.
  2. Do not move the bonnet to its upper position by hand - it should be moved due to action of the strut.
  3. In cold season open the bonnet only after the engine is warmed up. This should be performed smoothly, without jerks and abrupt movements.
  4. Selecting the spare part, take into account the design features and operation specifics of the car. For example, if the bonnet lid is heavy, choose the component with higher supporting power. Consider also the length of the bonnet strut. It should allow to open the bonnet up to the height comfortable for car servicing.
  5. Obey safety requirements for strut operation: in order to avoid injuries, do not disassemble the part, do not allow its overheating or mechanical damages.

Defects of the bonnet strut, their causes and signs

  1. Depressurization. It often results from incompliance of exerted loads with the component technical characteristics (too short or too long strut, insufficient supporting power), or improper use of the component in severe weather conditions. In this case the component stops performing its function, and doesn’t hold the bonnet in the opened position.
  2. Deformation. It occurs as a result of mechanical force applied to the component, for example, heavy impact. Such damages are visible with the naked eye and are incompatible with proper operation of the component.
  3. Jamming. It may be caused by oil freezing in cold weather or by production defect. In this case, the bonnet lid cannot be fully opened or closed, depending on the position in which the part is jammed.

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