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Replace a Spare part Third Brake Light – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Third Brake Light

Malfunctions of auxiliary lights

  • damages of mechanical type
  • dim or no light
  • wiring is burnt or shorted

Signsof auxiliary lights malfunctions

  • irregular shape and curvature of the light beam
  • element dropping out from the seat
  • fractures on component surface
  • glass rubbing or blurring

Reasons for auxiliary lights malfunctions

  • misalignment of the socket and the bulb of the lamp
  • low quality of the element
  • violation of usage requirements
  • lamp burnout
  • looseness of fasteners

Diagnostics of auxiliary lights malfunctions

Before diagnostics you should place your car on the level surface, and wheels must be parallel to the roadway. Then you should have a look at auxiliary lights. Lamp glass must be clean and transparent, small cracks are allowed, but not fractures.

Loss of light is often connected with lamp filament burnout. It is necessary to take a test lamp and use it for checking the auxiliary light. No light means that there are malfunctions of wires or the socket.

It is necessary to check the angle of headlight if the component is not damaged. Target indexes are shown on the body, the information code plate in the front of the car body or common information code plate, which is situated in one of door openings.

Repair of auxiliary lights

Frequent element falling out of the seat is a consequence of bad quality parts usage. Though, in some cases insufficient component wall thickness can be the reason. It is necessary to accomplish fixation with help of foam for preventing loss of auxiliary lights. For this a foam list is melted by dichloroethane, which does not have negative impact on the bumper plastic. After putting obtained hard substance on fasteners, it is necessary to place the part into the seat and leave for ten hours.

For making wires work again you should delete oxidation traces from terminals, replace damaged areas and put new fuses. Complete adjustment of headlamp angle is held only at service stations.

Replacement of auxiliary lights

Various malfunctions, which result in loss of light, can be solved with the help of replacement of system elements. The easiest part for replacement is a bulb. For example, for a fog light replacement it is enough to demount the needed mudguard, take the bracket off and replace the lamp. It can be done with the use of a wrench, a socket №8 and a short crosshead screwdriver.

Replacement of a headlamp, wires and fuses requires certain skills and knowledge in electric field, therefore you should rely on service station experts in this question.

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