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  • Track rod end Car Steering cost

    Track rod end

  • Tie rod Car Steering cost

    Tie rod

  • Inner tie rod Car Steering cost

    Inner tie rod

  • Power steering pump Car Steering cost

    Power steering pump

  • Steering rack Car Steering cost

    Steering rack

  • Steering rack boot Car Steering cost

    Steering rack boot

  • Hydraulic oil Car Steering cost

    Hydraulic oil

  • Steering angle sensor Car Steering cost

    Steering angle sensor

  • Power steering fluid car price

    Power steering fluid

  • Steering stabilizer car price

    Steering stabilizer

  • Joint, steering column car price

    Joint, steering column

  • Hydraulic oil expansion tank car price

    Hydraulic oil expansion tank

  • Oil cooler, steering system car price

    Oil cooler, steering system

  • Pulley, power steering pump car price

    Pulley, power steering pump

  • Steering rack oil pressure switch car price

    Steering rack oil pressure switch

  • Steering linkage car price

    Steering linkage

  • Steering column + electric power steering auto online

    Steering column + electric power steering

  • Steering rack repair kit auto online

    Steering rack repair kit

  • Steering arm auto online

    Steering arm

  • Steering mounting auto online

    Steering mounting

  • Bushing, drop arm shaft auto online

    Bushing, drop arm shaft

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Malfunctions of the steering system

  • wear of the steering joint;
  • power steering fault;
  • depressurization of the steering;
  • the drive clogging and contamination;
  • incorrect operation of еру transmission pair;
  • wear of the steering shaft bearing.

Symptoms of the steering system failure

  • abnormal noise (whistling and knocking) in the steering mechanism;
  • too tight or free steering wheel motion;
  • lack of or slow return of the wheels to their original position when you release the steering wheel;
  • steering wheel free play;
  • random wheel turn at the engine start;
  • change in the wheels position when driving;
  • hard steering wheel jerks and strong kickback when driving;
  • leakage of working fluid;
  • the steering wheel vibration.

Causes of the steering system malfunctions

  • failure to comply with the operation rules;
  • poor quality road surface;
  • aggressive driving style;
  • looseness of steering rod;
  • mechanical damage to the steering rod;
  • worn-out condition and excess lifetime of the individual parts;
  • fluid leakage of the power steering system;
  • insufficient system lubrication;
  • worn or broken drive belt;
  • poor balance;
  • Use of low quality hydraulic fluid and components;
  • excessive pressure in the tires and the wear factor.


Initial diagnosis is carried out by visual inspection and assessment of your own feeling of the steering system performance. Using a dynamometer you need to measure the necessary effort level required to turn the steering wheel. A value greater than 1.5 N indicates a malfunction of the power steering. Besides, steering play should not exceed 10 degrees or 35-40 centimeters. Liquid leaks of the power steering can be determined by the condensation forming on the power steering surface. You also need to check the condition of seals and gaskets and pump belt tension. Deep diagnostics of the entire system needs to be done in a service shop. Analysis of the steering system must be done at least once every six months or after 50 000-70 000 kilometers.

Repair and replacement of components of the steering system

It is highly recommended to replace the defective elements of the system. However, this does not apply to the gaps removal between the parts, you can just pull up the fastening to the required level. Increased clearance in the bearings can be removed using special pads. Replacement of steering system components has to be done by professionals, because it requires the work of several people, experience and skills of the repair and special equipment. This is a very time-consuming and responsible task.

Helpful tips on operation, causes of faults, troubleshooting, and service intervals