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Replace a Spare part Wing Mirror (Outside Mirror) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Wing Mirror (Outside Mirror)

Rear-view mirrors are required in any vehicle to provide good road visibility behind and at the side. The main function is to ensure safe driving. Most of interior and exterior car mirrors consist of an optical element, housing, bracket and adjustment mechanism. As for the adjustment of the mirrors, the majority of mirrors inside the salon and more simple exterior mirrors, where the optical element is fixed relative to the body, it is rotated by a single hinge. In more complex structures of outside mirrors optical element can rotate relative to the housing by means of hinges.

Most mirrors of this type have a remote adjustment drive, which can be lever, electric or cable. The last drive is the most up to date and has two electric motors, which are located in its body and turn the optical element vertically and horizontally. You can run the switch and the key that relates to electric motors. They are combined in one unit and placed on the door, dashboard and centre console.

When adjusting mirrors you need to follow some rules to provide security. It is necessary to avoid sharp edges on the body and the arm. Outside mirrors should not project beyond the edges of the car for more than 200 mm and mirror housing must jack knife. Inside mirror must be mounted in such a way that in case of an impact it would jack knife or break off at the bottom of the arm. There are must be no fragment of broken glass if the mirror breaks. If you need a new mirror, do not purchase the car part you need in service centres. It is better to visit our online shop where you can find any car parts: muffler, turbocharger or bumper. You will be able to order them at the best price.

Wing Mirror (Outside Mirror) for SKODA OCTAVIA Combi (1Z5), TOYOTA YARIS (SCP9_, NSP9_, KSP9_, NCP9_, ZSP9_), MITSUBISHI L 200 (KB_T, KA_T)

Faults of rear-view mirrors
  • mechanical damage to the mirror or the part housing;
  • clouding of the reflective surface;
  • fault of the mirror motor;
  • wiring fault;
  • breakage or damage to the control wires;
  • damage or loosening of the hinge bracket;
  • malfunction of the mirror electric heating.
Symptoms of rear-view mirrors faults
  • slow movement of the mirror actuator;
  • reduced visibility;
  • absence of some motor functions;
  • mirror rattling or wobbling while driving.
Causes of mirrors faults
  • mechanical damage;
  • sudden temperature drops;
  • looseness of fastening;
  • short circuit, oxidation or burnout of wiring;
  • insufficient lubrication of drive components;
  • blown fuses.

Faulty rear-view mirror reflective surface can be determined without special expertise or tools, with a simple visual inspection. Problems of the motor must be diagnosed only in a service shop. Modern cars electric drive system includes a sufficiently large number of contacts, which need to be tested individually.

Special requirements for the frequency of rear-view mirrors diagnosis do not exist. Carrying out a detailed analysis of the work is required after signs of malfunction.

Repair and replacement of mirrors

With additional features mirrors are very complex systems. Their replacement or repair require specialized knowledge. At malfunction of any mirror component it can be replaced. However, repair of electrical wiring must be carried out only at a service station.

Complete replacement of a rear-view mirror is required only in case of serious damages that occur in accidents or crashes. Damage to the cover does not require replacement of the entire system, but it is important to establish a completely similar model.

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