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Wheel drive car spares

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    Drive shaft

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    Cv joint

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    Drive shaft coupling

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    Cv boot

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    Propshaft bearing

  • Car Propshaft from Wheel drive catalogue


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    Tripod hub

  • Car Seal, drive shaft from Wheel drive catalogue

    Seal, drive shaft

  • Auto Bolt, propshaft flange cheap online

    Bolt, propshaft flange

  • Auto Intermediate bearing, drive shaft cheap online

    Intermediate bearing, drive shaft

  • Auto Centering bush, propshaft cheap online

    Centering bush, propshaft

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Drive shafts ensure the transmission of the torque from the gearbox to drive wheels. They are axles with CV joints at their ends. CV joints are necessary for enabling wheels to rotate and change direction.

6 tips on maintaining and replacing drive shafts

  1. CV joints and drive shafts don’t have a defined service life, therefore, they only need to be replaced when they stop working.
  2. Right and left spare parts aren't interchangeable. Their sizes differ depending on the differential location of the drive axle.
  3. The service life of these parts depends on driving style. Aggressive acceleration and emergency braking reduces the service life.
  4. Lubricate the CV joints of drive shafts and spiders of propeller shafts. These parts are located in recessed places, therefore, oil must be applied with a special nozzle. This special nozzle often comes with the oil.
  5. Examine the boots from time to time and, if necessary, replace them. Generally, this kind of basic maintenance can extend the service life of parts.
  6. To maintain and replace both front and rear components, place the vehicle onto a lifter and remove the wheels. If you don’t have suitable equipment and repair skills, it is recommended to visit a repair shop.

Common problems with drive shafts and CV joints - causes and symptoms

  • Torn axle boots. This could be caused by a vehicle being driven off-road. An indication of this problem is unusual sounds coming from the part.
  • Corrosion damage and abrasive wear of CV joints. This is generally the result of exposure to water and dirt, which is caused by torn axle boots. A crunching sound in the unit is a symptom of this issue.
  • Damaged axle. This can be the result of a collision. The main symptom is a vibration that is transmitted to the car body. is an ideal place for buying spare parts

In our shop you can buy high-quality parts cheaply and receive professional assistance from our customer service specialists. They will be happy to help you find the right part, tell you about our current promotions and offer any other assistance you may need. You can buy drive shafts and CV joints at in just a couple of minutes. Place your order online right now to receive your order in just a few days!

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