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Replace a Spare part Headlights (Headlamps) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Headlights (Headlamps)

All motorists know that road lighting with headlights must be efficient, since it determines the safety of all road users. Today there are several types of lamps, which are produced according to different technologies and each have their own task to illuminate the road in various weather conditions and at night.

Standard low beams are designed to ensure the driver to be able to drive the car under normal weather and lighting conditions. Upper beams help drivers to improve the view of the road at a distance of approximately 30 meters. But do not forget that because of the high-range light, these lights are especially dangerous for drivers drive on the opposite carriageway and lose visibility. They should be used when travelling outside the cities and only on long-distance routes.

At first sight, modern LED lights are very similar to conventional lamps, which are used for street lighting. The only difference is that these are designed specifically for automotive applications. Xenon and halogen headlights have a special type of lighting. Fog lights are designed so that they shine down the road. This is the most productive for the visibility of drivers when it rains, snows or is fog. Xenon headlights are filled with xenon gas, which helps to light bright and white light. The brighter the light of the car is, the clearly the driver sees the way. With the xenon headlights, the car easily produces a brighter light while using less battery power. The less electricity lights consume the longer and more efficiently they last.

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Headlights (Headlamps) for KIA CARNIVAL II (GQ), OPEL ASTRA G COUPE (F07_), PEUGEOT 607 (9D, 9U)

Headlight faults
  • depressurization;
  • internal contamination;
  • blown bulb;
  • rust on the inner components;
  • oxidation or wiring closing;
  • failure of the fasteners;
  • incorrect operation of the internal reflector;
  • cracks, chips, scratches and abrasions on the housing;
  • fading and flickering light;
  • wear of the light components.
Symptoms of the light failure
  • disrupted light transmission;
  • light does not respond to switching on;
  • light turns on by itself;
  • headlight mists up;
  • the part housing is visibly damaged.
Causes of headlight faults
  • mechanical action on the headlight (hitting rocks, gravel, pieces of pavement);
  • burning of headlight low beam reflectors;
  • the failure of the antidazzle switch, light switch or fuse;
  • damage caused by accidents;
  • improper installation;
  • ingress of moisture into the part;
  • frequent driving on poor quality roads;
  • excess lifetime of the light or some of its elements;
  • wiring fault;
  • battery discharge.
Diagnostics of headlights

You can identify the headlights malfunction on your own, in most cases without removing the part. First of all, check the housing. In the absence of external defects remove the headlight glass, pull out the lamp and check if the filament is burned. If this happens, replace the lamp.

Next, you must make sure that the current flows through the cartridge contacts. For this purpose, connect a test lamp. If it does not light up, attach the end of the lamp wire to the socket adapter terminal. If the lamp lights up now, the wire is defective that connects the socket contact and the adapter.

Repair of headlights

Repairs depend on the localization of damage. To eliminate cracks and chips on the housing you will need a special hot air soldering station. Broken areas are stuck together if possible. If the light has decreased light transmission due to the large number of scratches and scuffs, the part is polished. In the case of the part tightness break we recommend to seek professional help, in this case repairs will require special knowledge and equipment.

Replacement of headlights

If the light is severely damaged, its replacement cannot be avoided. To install a new part you will need:

  • remove the grille that will provide unhindered access to the headlight;
  • unscrew the light mounting bolts from both sides;
  • carefully remove the faulty spare part;
  • remove the light from the bracket and disconnect the wires from the bulb;
  • install a new lamp, follow the steps in reverse order.
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