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Car parts for GENESIS

Genesis is a South Korean brand under which the Hyundai Motor group manufactures luxury vehicles, especially sports saloons. It was officially founded in 2015.

The Genesis vehicles

The history of the brand is closely connected with the launch of the sports saloon Hyundai Genesis in 2008, whose development started in 2003 with the idea to create a perfect sports saloon with rear-wheel drive. The elaboration of this design took more than 3 years and the ready car prior to entering the mass production covered over 800,000 miles of road tests. Overall, the project cost $ 500 million. Right after its launch, the model was honoured with a number of prestigious awards, therefore, they made a decision to create an independent brand.

The model range of the company includes only three saloons, however, they plan to produce one more saloon, a coupe and two crossovers by 2020. Hyundai service centres and official dealers are responsible for maintaining vehicles and distribution of Genesis parts.

Advantages of the Genesis vehicles

  • Safety. The brand safety system called Smart Sense is a set of an intelligent driver assisting systems including the autonomous emergency braking with a pedestrian detection safety feature, cruise control, blind spot detection and lane keeping assist systems. This makes driving as autonomous as possible and reduces the risk of human error.
  • Excellent performance. The on-demand AWD system called HTRAC distributes the torque between the front and rear axles as soon as the vehicle gets on a slippery or rough road. Thanks to it, the risk of skidding and spinning out is reduced and the car stability is increased. The adaptive suspension GACS smooths the bumps while driving on bad roads and prevents skidding when cornering at a high speed.
  • Comfort. The driver’s seat can be adjusted in 22 ways and the front passenger seat can be changed in 14 ways, due to which the utmost comfort is provided. Three-layer door seals and double glazed glass used in side windows provide qualitative sound insulation. The Lexicon sound system fitted with 17 speakers, acoustic lens and stainless steel meshes is characterised by deep, three-dimensional sound. Seats and steering wheel are trimmed with the Nappa leather, soft and pleasant to the touch.

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