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Car parts catalogue SAAB: parts and accessories

Saab car parts catalogue online

Car parts for SAAB cheap online

  • Brakes parts SAABBrakes
  • Ignition and preheating parts SAABIgnition and preheating
  • Suspension parts SAABSuspension
  • Engine parts SAABEngine
  • Damping parts SAABDamping
  • Filters parts SAABFilters
  • Electrics parts SAABElectrics
  • Belt / chain drive parts SAABBelt / chain drive
  • Exhaust parts SAABExhaust
  • Clutch parts SAABClutch
  • Body parts SAABBody
  • Wheel drive parts SAABWheel drive
Parts catalogue SAAB
  • Brake discs

    Brake discs

  • Shock absorber

    Shock absorber

  • Brake pads

    Brake pads

  • Clutch kit

    Clutch kit

  • Control arm

    Control arm

  • Wheel hub

    Wheel hub

  • Wheel bearing

    Wheel bearing

  • Ignition coil

    Ignition coil

  • Brake caliper

    Brake caliper

  • Coil springs

    Coil springs

  • Oil filter

    Oil filter

  • Alternator


  • Timing belt kit

    Timing belt kit

  • Windshield wipers

    Windshield wipers

  • Strut mount

    Strut mount

  • Spark plug

    Spark plug

  • Timing belt and water pump

    Timing belt and water pump

  • Air filter

    Air filter

  • Car battery

    Car battery

  • Rear silencer

    Rear silencer

  • Turbocharger


  • Timing chain

    Timing chain

  • Timing chain kit

    Timing chain kit

  • Pollen filter

    Pollen filter

  • Headlights


  • AC compressor

    AC compressor

  • Wing mirror

    Wing mirror

  • Engine radiator

    Engine radiator

  • Clutch flywheel

    Clutch flywheel

  • V-ribbed belt

    V-ribbed belt

  • Anti roll bar links

    Anti roll bar links

  • Window regulator

    Window regulator

  • Starter motor

    Starter motor

  • Lambda sensor

    Lambda sensor

  • AC condenser

    AC condenser

  • Fuel pump

    Fuel pump

  • Throttle body

    Throttle body

  • Heater blower motor

    Heater blower motor

  • EGR valve

    EGR valve

  • Glass for wing mirror

    Glass for wing mirror

  • Engine Oil SAAB

    Engine Oil

Parts and accessories Saab

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Information about SAAB
  • Headquarters: Sweden
  • Founded: 1937
  • First car produced in: 1949
  • First car name: 92001
  • Group: Spyker Cars
  • Group brands: SAAB
  • Model with the most versions: 9-3 (YS3F)
  • Most frequently installed engine: 2.0 Petrol
  • Production locations in: Sweden, Finland, Austria, Mexico
Our catalogue offers car parts for
  • Models: 12
  • Versions: 26
  • From production year: 1960
Engine types
  • Alcohol: 1
  • Diesel: 29
  • Mixture: 1
  • Petrol: 285
  • Petrol/Ethanol: 41
Tyres Engine oil
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SAAB Car parts

Car parts for SAAB

Saab is a Swedish automaker, which produces cars and trucks. Due to the prolonged financial difficulties in 2011, Saab declared bankruptcy, after which it was acquired by an international consortium National Electric Vehicle Sweden. Car production was resumed in 2013.

Saab cars

"Swedish Aeroplane Company Limited» (SAAB) was founded in 1937; it produced fighters and bombers. With the end of the war, the production of aircraft lost its meaning, and SAAB production capacities were reoriented to produce vehicles.

Design of the first prototype was carried out by a team consisting of 50 designers. This resulted in Saab 92B which was presented to the Control Commission in 1946. The vehicle exterior resembled the wing of the aircraft. Its drag coefficient was even higher than those of many of today's cars.

In 1959, the company launched the Saab 95 estate car, which brought great success to the enterprise. The next model - Saab 96 - for many years was the best-selling car in the European market. The Swedish automaker was the first to equip their cars with side door anti-intrusion beams and safety belts.

For additional access to the European consumers in 1989 a controlling stake of Saab was acquired by General Motors. In 2000, the Swedish automaker was completely bought out by the GM concern. Their own financial problems forced the American corporation to sell unprofitable assets. Saab came under the control of a Swedish-Japanese-Chinese company - National Electric Vehicle Sweden specially created for this. In 2013, the restyled saloon 9-3 marked the Saab resumption.

Saab Advantages

  • maximum safety;
  • reinforced body;
  • excellent aerodynamics;
  • a comfortable passenger compartment
  • roomy trunk;
  • soft suspension;
  • perfect directional stability;
  • resistant body paint.

Saab 9-3 Convertibles are equipped with a specially developed system DynaCage, which in case of a car roll-over a driver and passengers protects the occupants from injury by seat belt pretensioners and rear protective arches.

The best Saab parts

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