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Car spare parts SAAB 9-3
9-3 FROM 02.1998
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9-5 FROM 09.1997
Automobile Spares SAAB 900
900 FROM 06.1978
Automotive parts SAAB 9000
9000 FROM 09.1984
Car spare parts SAAB 9-7X
9-7X FROM 06.2004
Automobile Spares SAAB 95 Station Wagon
95 Station Wagon FROM 02.1960
Auto parts SAAB 99
99 FROM 11.1967
Replacement parts SAAB 90
90 FROM 08.1984
Auto parts SAAB 96
96 FROM 09.1960
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Car parts for SAAB

Saab is a Swedish automaker, which produces cars and trucks. Due to the prolonged financial difficulties in 2011, Saab declared bankruptcy, after which it was acquired by an international consortium National Electric Vehicle Sweden. Car production was resumed in 2013.

Saab cars

In 1937 "The Swedish company producing airplanes» (Saab) was founded, producing fighters and bombers. With the end of the war the production of aircraft lost its meaning, and Saab production capacities were reoriented to produce vehicles.

Design of the first prototype was carried out by a team consisting of 50 designers. The resulting Saab 92B was reported to the Control Commission in 1946. The vehicle exterior was similar to the wing of the aircraft. Its aerodynamic qualities were even higher than those of many today's cars.

In 1959 the company launched the Saab 95 wagon, which brought great success to the enterprise. The next model - Saab 96 - for many years was the best-selling car on the European market. The Swedish automaker was the first to equip their cars with side-impact door beams and safety belts.

For additional access to the European consumers in 1989 a controlling stake of Saab was acquired by General Motors. In 2000, the Swedish automaker was completely bought out by the GM concern. Their own financial problems forced the American corporation to sell unprofitable assets. Saab came under control of a Swedish-Japanese-Chinese company - National Electric Vehicle Sweden specially created for this. In 2013, the restyled sedan 9-3 marked the Saab resumption.

Top 5 Saab models

  1. SAAB 90 2.0
  2. SAAB 900 I Convertible 2.0 Turbo-16
  3. SAAB 900 I Convertible 2.0 S Turbo-16
  4. SAAB 900 I Convertible 2.0 -16
  5. SAAB 900 I Convertible 2.1 -16

Saab Advantages

  • maximum safety;
  • reinforced body;
  • excellent aerodynamics;
  • a comfortable passenger compartment
  • roomy trunk;
  • soft suspension;
  • perfect directional stability;
  • resistant body paint.

Saab 9-3 Convertibles are equipped with a specially developed system DynaCage, which in case of a roll-over car protects the occupants from injury by seat belt pretensioners and rear protective arches.

The best Saab parts

Saab owners can be called real experts of excellent quality and safe cars. But it can be quite difficult to find the necessary repair parts, especially for a rare or not very popular at the time model.

Now you will not need to purchase used auto parts for Saab! In our online store you can find only new components for the entire Saab range, that have passed certification. We guarantee their long service and full compatibility with your vehicle. A thoughtful catalog and an intelligent search engine will help you buy parts for Saab in our online store.

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