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Car parts for ABARTH

ABARTH OE spare parts catalog

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Car spare parts 500 / 595 / 695
500 / 595 / 695
manufactured from 01/2008
Replacement parts PUNTO EVO
manufactured from 07/2008
Replacement parts 124
manufactured from 03/2016
Replacement parts ABARTH PUNTO
manufactured from 03/2012
Automotive parts ABARTH GRANDE PUNTO
manufactured from 12/2007
Auto parts RITMO
manufactured from 11/1981
ABARTH Car parts

Car parts for ABARTH

Abarth is an Italian company that builds sports cars based on Fiat models. It was founded in 1949 by a famous racer and designer Carlo Abarth. At present, it belongs to the corporation Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

The Abarth vehicles

From the moment it was founded the company aimed at manufacturing powerful, high-speed vehicles and at sports victories. It was hard to keep Carlo from achieving the set goals: in 1965, in order to take part and win in a race, the 57-year-old designer lost 30 kg of his weight keeping to a strict apple diet so that he could fit in the open-wheel car. On the whole, in 1965 alone, famous car racers from different countries managed to win over 900 competitions driving Abarth vehicles.

At present, the model range of the company is presented by sports versions of small cars. Available body styles are coupes, roadsters, three-door hatchbacks and convertibles. The assembly of the cars and production of Abarth parts are carried out in Turin, Italy.

Advantages of the Abarth vehicles

  • Individuality. Car owners can choose from a variety of limited editions, a wide range of versions and sports packages for Abarth vehicles which allows to customize a car as much as possible depending on personal needs. For example, the Brembo Koni sports package includes perforated Brembo brake discs, Koni springs and shock absorbers, Tributo Ferrari alloy wheels, 205/40 low-profile 17-inch tyres, tyre pressure monitoring system and also high power engine.
  • Stylish design. Large spoilers, triple air intakes, brightly coloured brake callipers, double exhaust pipe with chrome tip, titanium exhaust system and extended wheel arches emphasise the sporty nature of the car; the interior trimmed with aluminium and carbon inserts, sports seats covered with high-quality leather highlight its dynamism.
  • Sport engine mode. Just pressing the Sport button on the instrument panel, you can adjust the torque, hydraulic power steering system, stroke of the accelerator pedal and other settings. This increases the stability of the vehicle during high-speed manoeuvring, improves dynamics and response to steering commands. There is also a special LED indicator that signals about the most appropriate moment to change speed. It helps to use engine power most efficiently.

The best Abarth parts

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